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the first step in managing stress
recognize the causes and to be aware of the symptoms
examples of environmental stressors
heat, noise, overcrowding, climate, and terrain.
the most frequent and important stressors affecting humans
emotional stressors: ie, life-changing events such as change in work, illness, deaths, increased responsibilites, and school pressures.
why do college students have additional pressures today?
more students work full time to support their studies, many are the first in their family to attend college.
what is positive stress?
eustress, or stress that is mentally or physically stimulating.
Stages of Hans Seleye's General Adaptation Syndrome
1.) Alarm Reaction: trauma triggers reactions such as suppression of immune system.
2.) Resistance: Adaptation to stress, immune system works overtime.
3.) Exhaustion: Body is now unable to maintain homeostasis,causing a drop in resistance level.
first step for effective time management
establish your priorities
define coping
a person's constantly changing cognitive and psychological efforts to manage stressful situations
autogenic training
self generated relaxation training: block out distracting thoughts and concentrate on preselected words or phrases
carbon monoxide is the most dangerous because...
the gas binds onto hemoglobin in the bloodstream and limits how much oxygen can be carried
which has more nicotine, cigarettes or smokeless tobacco
mainstream smoke
smoke that is inhaled after being filtered through by the smoker's lungs
sidestream smoke
smoke that comes directly off the burning end of the cigarette, more dangerous
driving risk for BAC increase at:
between .01 to .04
define binge drinking for men
five or more drinks in a row