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What is a framework for understanding the healthcare system?
What top 5 groups pay the most for healthcare?
1. Private insurers
2. Medicare
3. Medicaid
4. Out of pocket
5. State medicaid
What % of federal spending goes to Medicare?
Who does Medicare pay for?
-37 million people over 65
-7 million young people with permanent disabilities
Who is paid for by Medicaid?
-Low-income families
-People with disabilities
-Elderly people that ran out of medicare
How many people are paid for by Medicaid?
55 million
Which is the dominant source of US long-term care financing?
What percent of people on Medicaid consume over HALF of all that spending?
Only 4% - the really disabled!
What percent of medicaid enrolees are low-income children? Disabled adults?
Lowincome kids = 50%
Disabled adults = 15%
Who consumes more expenditures? By how much?
Disabled adults = consume almost 50% of medicaid dollars
Lowincome kids = less than 20%
What has happened to healthcare spending as a % of gross domestic product?
It is continuously increasing
What does the government spend more on; medicare or social security?
Social security
How much does the government spend on Social security? Medicare?
Social security - .5 trillion
Medicare = .25 trillion
What will happen to the medicare trust fund by 2018?
It will be bankrupt
What will the budget deficit be in 2050?
Over 4.5 Trillion!! Up from .25
What does over 30% of US healthcare expenditures pay for?
Hospital care
What is the next highest amt of dollars for healthcare going to?
Medical doctors and clinic services
What is the 3rd high expenditure of healthcare expenses?
Retail sales / pharmaceuticals
What is the smallest amt of healthcare expenses?
Government public health
What are the top 3 things of excess that contribute to why america's cost of hc is so high?
1. Administrative costs
2. Malpractice costs
3. Use of higher technology
Out of 1000 persons, how many report symptoms? How many see a doc?
-800 report symptoms
-217 visit a doc
Out of 1000 persons how many recieve home healthcare? How many go to the ER?
14 - home hc
13 - go to the ER
Out of 1000 persons how many are hospitalized? How many in an academic center?
8 are hospitalized
1 goes to Froedtert
Where is the most money spent?
At froedtert
Where do healthcare expenses rate on the monthly budget of americans?
#6 - way below rent, transport, food, clothes, and utilities.
What proportion of the population is uninsured, unstably insured, or underinsured?
Over 1/3
Why are most uninsured that way?
Because they can't afford it
What percent of the uninsured are American citizens?
If most uninsured either work fulltime or have a family member who does, why are they uninsured?
What percent of Wisconsin residents are uninsured?
What is the consequence of being uninsured?
Delayed limited access
-Put off treatments due to cost
-Can't see the top specialists
What percent of kids in these areas are living in poverty?
-Milwaukee county
-Waukesha county
-City of milwaukee
-The US
Milwaukee county = 28%
Waukesha county = 2%
City of Milwaukee = 40%
US = 17%
Why are hospitals closing in urban areas and expanding in the suburbs?
Because hospitals rely on commercial costs and out-of-pocket payers to take up the slack where medicare/caid recipients don't pay.
Of the US, Germany and UK, who spends the most taxes on HC?
UK - 28%
US/Germany - 11%
Who spends the most on healthcare per capita?
The US!
In what country do MDs use electronic medical records?
UK - 58%
Germany - 48%
US = 17%%%
In what country is HC the most effective? Most efficient? Equitable/safe?
Effective - US
Efficient - Germany
Equitable/safe - UK