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ISD (lysergic acid diethylamide):
a powerful hallucinogenic drug. Also called acid.
Lyme disease
a bacterial infection spread by tiny deer ticks.
the clear fluid that bathes each cell and transfers needed sub­stances and wastes back and forth between the blood and the cells. Lymph also plays a role in immunity.
lymphocytes (1IM-fo-sites):
): white blood cells, active in immunity.
lymphomas (limf-OH-mahs
cancers that arise in organs of the immune system.
ma huang:
n herbal preparation sold with promises of weight loss and increased energy, but that contains ephedrine, a dangerous heart stimulant.
mainstream smoke:
the smoke that flows through the cigarette and into the lungs when a smoker inhales.
major medical insurance:
to pay high bills not covered by other insurance.
male menopause:
the gradual decline in male fertility due to advanc­ing age.
a dangerous cancerous growth that sheds cells into body flu­ids and spreads to new locations to start new cancer colonies. (The word malignant means "growing worse.")
the results in the body of poor nutrition; undernutrition, overnutrition, or any nutrient deficiency.
malpractice insurance:
nsurance that protects providers of health care against lawsuits by people claiming to have been harmed by a health-care provider.
X-ray examination of the breast, a screening test for cancer.
: the institution that joins a man and a woman by agreement for the purpose of creating and maintaining a family.
married couple:
family consisting of two married adults
massage therapy:
a method of kneading of muscles to reduce tension, help blood circulation, and improve joint mobility; believed to promote healing.
. masculinity:
: traits, including biological and social traits, associated with being male
mature love:
: a strong affection for, and an enduring, deep attachment to, a person whose character the partner knows well.
a highly contagious viral disease characterized by rash, high fever, sensitivity to light, and cough and cold symptoms; preventable by immunization
a neutral third person who helps two people in conflict to com­municate more effectively.
hospitalization and surgical insurance available for people who qualify as needy.
medical insurance:
: insurance to pay physicians' fees, lab fees, and fees for prescription medications.
hospitalization insurance for people who are receiving Social Security.
managed care:
a system of providing health care based on a prepaid basis. By emphasizing preventive care, controlling physician charges, and screening requests for expensive tests and procedures, managed care plans control costs of providing care.