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Soft Tissue Wounds
everything that is not bone
Open Wounds
-Laceration- cuts, bleeding
-Avulsions- partial amputation
-Puncture- dog bites, being shot, tetanus-punctures you; can die
-Abrasions- scrapes
Closed Wounds
-Bruises- can be fatal if its over large part, bleeding underneath
-Burns- open or closed
When treating wounds
-Stop bleeding- let it bleed a little then stop
-Prevent infection- soap and water
-Treat/watch for shock- internal wounds, body temp even call 911
---Starts to shut down, pass out, pale, dizzy
Clothing a wound
-Dressing- touches wound, has to be really clean
-Bandage- holds dressing in place, triangle bandage, ace wraps
To stop bleeding
-Apply pressure- 30 seconds, doesn’t stop- elevate arm, press brachial artery
-Bandage- hold dressing in place, tie bandage over wound
-Doesn’t stop bleeding- 3 min for an artery, call 911