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well being of your body and your realtionship with other people
two factors used to evaluate life
quality of life and life expectancy
quality of life
degree of overall satisfaction a person gets from their life
aspects of health
physical health, mental health, emotional health, social health,
physical health
how well your body functions
mental health
the state of being comfortable with yourself and with other around you
emotional health
how you react to events in your life
social health
how well you get along with others
gradual progression through many stages between one extreme to the other
factors that influence health
heredity, environment, media, healthcare, and behavior
belief and patterns of behavior that are shared by a group of people and passes from generation to generation
what causes stress
your body experiences stress when situations or eversnt or people make demands on your body and mind
4 stressors
major life changes, catastrphes, eberyday problems, and environmental problems
the way body responds to stress
alarms stage, resistance stage, exhaustion stage
alarms stage
fight or flight response
resistance stage
exhaustation stage
physical and emotional resources are depleated
bounce back
2 ways to manage stress
time management and mental rehearsal
3 ways to relieve stress
physical activity, relaxation, and biofeedback