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Cooling down
winding down excercises to a slow pace.
wi_ding d_wn e_cer_ise _o _ s_ow _ace.
Warming up
stretching our muscles so we are ready to begin an excercise.
stretching muscles/ready
Target pulse rate
the most benefit fit you can get from an excercise.
the most benefit...
Aerobic excercise
excercises in a rhythmic patternic way that aid the heart.
rhythmic... patternic way... aid ___ _____
Heart and lung endurance
How well the heart and lungs can provide oxygen to our body during excercise.
how well heart + lungs provide oxygen to...
Muscular endurance
the amount of excercise you can do at a given time without getting overly tired.
amount of excercise u can do w/out getting overly _____
Muscular strength
most work you can do at a given time.
most work u can do at a...
able to move joints in certain ways.
able to ____ _____ __ _______ ____.
able to handle whatever comes your way from day to day.
you know this...
what percentage do you need to use during a 5 min. workout?