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What types of goals can one set?
Short term and Long term
What are the Five Areas of Life?
Describe health as an area of life
Physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being
How does personal/family, as an area of life, influence one's health?
they influence your health styles
What can you do with work as an area of life, influencing your health?
Do your best
Waht can you do with finance, as an area of life influencing your health?
Save money!
What are goals?
Something that you aim for or a dream you want to accomplish.
Goals should be:
Measurable, Realistic, and Incremental
What does it mean for a goal to be measurable?
You have to know how long it will take, and what should be accomplished
What does it mean for a goal to be realistic?
It must be reasonable -- you have to be able to do it.
What does it mean for a goal to be "incremental?"
It must increase your knowledge
How do you set up a reward system for setting goals?
Get a goal, get support. Then set up a feasible reward.
In a reward system, what happens as a punishment?
Your reward is given to someone else!
Define peers
people who are the same age who share a similar range of interests
(Heredity and Environment)

How does the physical environment relate to health?
It can affect your health.

(silly notecard.)
(Heredity and Environment)

Waht is the "cultural environment?"
beileifs, customs, and behaviors of a group
(Heredity and Environment)

What is "social environment?"
your family and other poeple with whom you come into daily contact
Regarding the sun and skin care....
It is important to wear sunblock!
What are the types of nutrition?
(Types of nutrition)

What are carbohydrates?
Provide an example.
starches and sugars found in foods
(Types of nutrition)

What are proteins?
Provide an example.
nutrients that help build and maintain body tissue
(Types of nutrition)

What are the two types of fats?
Provide an example.
there are saturated and unsatureated fats.
(Types of nutrition)

What are vitamins?
Provide an example.
compounds that help regulate many vital body processes
(Types of nutrition)

What are fibers?
Provide an example.
They move waste through the digestive system
What is anorexia nervosa?
It is a disorder -- fear of coming abuse
What is bulimia nervosa?
a disorder in which cycles of overating are followed by some form of purging or clearing of the digestive tract