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Physical fitess:
to particiate i the thigs that you enjoy with vigor.
to maintain practicing the exercise to get better at it.
Is how hard you work
Overload Principle:
for exercise to be effective, you must harder than usual.
Is how long your workout lasts.
Is the final factor that will affect the success of your exercise program.
Cardio Respiratory Fitness:
Refers to the ability of the heart, lungs, and blood vessels to efficiently supply oxygen to the muscle cells when under excretion
Heart Rate:
Is the number of times your heart beats per minute.
Resting heart rate:
Is your lowest heart rate.
Aerobic Exercise:
Refers to any type of exercise that requires large amounts of oxygen for extended periods of time.
Anaerobic Exercise:
Is intense exercises without adequate oxygen.
Target Heart Rate:
Is the heart rate you should try to maintain during aerobic exercises.
Muscular strength:
Is the ability of your muscles to exert force.
Musculat Endurance:
Is the ability of your muscles to exert force many times.
Isometric Exercise:
your muscles exert force against an objecct that does not move.