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What % of Americans smoke?
In the past25 years how many American have given up smoking?
One Half
Carbon Monoxide in cigarettes can prevent oxygen delivery by uniting with what?
Another name for snuff is what?
Somkeless tobacco.
How many people die each day from smoke related illnesses?
The destruction of air sacs is what disease?
Smoking has what effects on blood vessels?
Constricts them.
Alcohol, Coffee, and soda can what?
Increase craving for tobacco.
When stopping smoking?
The same number gain as lose weight.
What gives cigarettes there flavor?
One source of the sugar in whiskey is?
What percent of wine is alcohol?
Children born with FAS tend to be?
lower in birth weight
Children born with FAS tend to be?
lower in birth weight
Symptoms of cirrhosis?
Abdominal swelling and jaundice.
What does stage three of alcoholism include?
Isolation from family and friends.
To get more info on alcoholism who would you contacr?
Alcoholics Anonymous
What are some short term effects of alcohol intake?
Blood vessels widen, increased urination, skin feels warm.
Alcohol is a factor in what % of murders?
What is the Bac level in most states to considered legal intoxicated?
FAS is a leading cause of what?
Mental retardation.
The chemical need that the body develops is called?
Physiological Dependece.
The need to have more and more drugs is what?
What drug has no medical use?
What is the strength of marijuana measured by?
The amount of THC
Where is Hashish found?
The resin from the tops of the cannabis plant
Drugs that affect the central nervous system causing mental or behavior changes are know as what?
Psychoactive drugs.
Drug use can cause what?
Ongoing health problems.
The white powder of the coca bush is called what?
The following is not true of crank?
It has short term effects.