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What is health psychology?
It studies the link between psychological variables & health.
Studies the link between what?
List the 3 symptom areas.
1. Physiological [body alteration]
2. Behavioral [actions]
3. Cognitive [thinking]
1. P
2. B
3. C
Describe the preoccupation theme of addiction.
-thinking about it.
-reliving past events.
-plannig the next event.
3 things
What is tolerance?
You need more of the thing to achieve desired result.
Describe the disturbances in daily living theory.
Describe dependency.
-substance use
-long term use
Describe abuse.
-Use/behavior resulting in negative consequences.
-occurs before dependency.
What does it result in & when does abuse occur?
What are the 3 problems areas?
1. Biological-may produce endorphins.
2. Psychological-reinforces learned behavior.
3. Social-done w/others? done to avoid others?
1. B
2. P
3. S
Describe the 2 points of the Health Belief Model.
1. Perception of threat (of a health problem)
2. Pros & cons (of taking action)
1. perception of...
2. pros...
Describe the Perceived Threat Influences.
-more serious->more likely to take action.
-susceptible or not??
-cues to action-messages from environment.
3 things.
Describe the Pros vs. Cons of Action.
-Likely to change behavior if there are more benefits.
Likely to...
Describe the treatment of an addiction.
-abstinence from thing.
-restructuring social environment.
-change in how family & friends deal w/ behavior.
4 things.