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What are the different models used by health psychologists?
-Social Cognition Models
-Prevention Models (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary)
-KP Model
What is the purpose of this field?
-to help the client minimize further damage due to medical conditions/life style issues

-to help prevent disease & to improve general health & well-being
Many of the models & interventions we use are designed to instill/enhance the client's sense of _____________ which is reflected in the client's ability to ____ things/make _____
Self efficacy

reflected in their ability to DO things/make CHANGES
Prevention Models:

Primary Prevention
-define, give examples
an attempt to prevent/min the probability of a problem developing.

-change in lifestyle

Ex: avoiding junk food, exercising
Prevention Models:

Secondary Prevention
An attempt to detect a problem early so that the problem doesn't get worse; facilitate detection of problems early & prevent progression

Ex. Jenny Craig, dental cleanings
Prevention Models:

Tertiary Prevention
Minimization/arrest of negative conseq's of a problem once it is est'd.

Ex: stomach stapling
What are the major factors in health choices and are critical in choice of intervention & degree of involvement of the therapist?
Social Factors
Cognitive Factors
Personality factors
Cultural factors
What are the 5 A's?
Describe a good referral question
"Please evaluate for ____ Tx. Client is withdrawing socially, can't sleep, etc. Would like to r/o medical issues and coordinate care"
What is the therapeutic relationships like in health psych?
Defined by the work & attitude for change

B/c it is solution focused
What is an inservice?
a specialized presentation given in a medical setting
Describe the assessment phase of the 5 A's
Starts at 1st session
Looks at
Describe the Advisement phase of the 5 A's
2nd phase

-explore Tx options
-QOL education (how might changes improve their QOL)
Describe the Agreement/Contract phase of the 5 A's
After Advisement

-collaborative selection of goals based on motives & interest
Describe the Assist phase of the 5 A's
After agreeing on interests & motives

-edu about the interventions & tx specifics
-skills training for goals
-anticipate challenges & resolve barriers
Describe the Arrange phase of the 5 A's
After assist phase

-plan for follow-up & coordination w/other providers

The Personal Action Plan
Basically, the 5 A's - what the client will be doing

Defines goals in Bx, operational terms w/follow up plan & coordination w/other services
What does the client need to realize?
-That their symptoms are linked with specific behaviors
-Tx is specific
What is the scope of practice for a health psychologist?
-psychosocial contributions of medical issue
-Cog/Aff mgmnt
-Bx/Env'l adjustment
-Advocacy w/otr providers
-sorting out med factors; drugs, sleep, phys exercise, supplements
Describe the Transtheoretical Model
The phase of change model

When do clients usually enter treatment?
during the contemplation phase
What are the benefits to the working relationship approach to psychotherapy?
- faster changes
-longer lasting results
Following the 5 A's or Personal Action Plan approach, what is the majority of the session spent doing?
Conducting a functional analysis of the problem (part of the assessment phase)

2nd most amount of time = Assisting/arranging
What phase of AsAdAgAsAr includes making a contract?
The "Agree" phase
What phase of AsAdAgAsAr includes anticipating potential problems the client may face?
The "Assist" phase
Health psychologists or behavioral medicine specialists usually see clients as part of
a consultation w/other providers
What kind of perspective does the behavioral medicine treatment approach take?
biomedical perspective
What do you do before the assessment phase of the personal action plan?
have the pt define what they see the problem as being.

Be direct