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Define Health:
Ability to live and func effectively in soc and to be self efficient to the max
Define Wellness:
Adopting lifestyles that perpetuate health (health promotion)
Goal writing for wellness, focuses on what types of functions and outcomes?
1. to prevent progression of disease/death
2. to maintain indep/autonomy
3. to improve quality of life
What 2 dysfunctions cause Disuse Syndrome?
1. sedentary living
2. hypokinesia is the cause of 50% of chronic and debilitating conditions
What are the 3 types of prevention strategies?
primary prevention
secondayr prevention
tertiary prevention
What does primary prevention focus on?
a more PREVENTATIVE approach: reduce risk of disease before it happen
What does secondary prevention focus on?
An IMPROVEMENT and MAINTENANCE approach: those with minimal symptomatic diseases to improve outcomes and maintain health
What does tertiary prevention focus on?
A PREVENTATIVE approach: to prevent progression of already existing conditions
What can the COTA do in primary prevention situations?
COTA's help facilitate lifestyle changes, i.e. fall prevention, ex prgms
What can the COTA do in secondary prevention situations?
COTA can encourage annual exams, monitor performance ADLs
What can the COTA do in tertiary prevention situations?
COTA can educate in jnt protection, energy conservation, work simplification tech's
What are some of the goals of a wellness program
1. awareness of the positive effects of wellness on health at any age
2. awareness of sensory aging chgs
3. ed on nutrition and the impacts on health
4. improve decision-making skills
5. encourage self-resp for health
6. encourage indep (get out of the house)
7.Maximize positive focus
8. awareness of behaviors that inhibit health
9. encourage indep in self care
Possible topics in Wellness program
1. nutrition
2. exercise
3. plan health screens
4. smoking cessation
5. explore interests
6. relaxation
7. stress and effects on the heart
8. resp for own health
9. safety