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How are the ingrediants listed on a food label?
From the ones with the greatest amount to the least
What is tricky about food labels?
Serving size - sometimes one package has multiple servings
Goal each day is to get 100% of all but:
cholesteral, sodium, saturated fats, trans fat
High percent daily value
Low percent daily value
High = 20% or more
Low = 5% or less
Three things you can use the % daily value for:
1. Comparisons (diet brands)
2. Nutrient content (low fat)
3. Dietary trade off (balance youre diet)
Why doesnt protein have a %DV on the label?
Because protein is not a public heath concern for peopel over 4. We get enough.
What food labels are required to have a %DV?
Foods high in protein and those for kids under 4.
5 food pyramid catagories
grains, fruits, vegetables, dairy, protein
6-11 servings
1 cup dry cereal
1 slice bread
2-4 servings
1 apple, bananna, orange
3-5 servings
1/2 cup raw veggies
2-3 servings
1 egg, 1 cup milk
2-3 servings
2-3 ounces chicken
Recommended amount of Carbs.
55-65% of diet
4 Cal/g
Recommended amount of Proteins
10-15 %
4 Cal/g
Recommended amount of Fat.
less than 30%
9 Cal/g
3 nutrients that provide energy for the body
Energy =
the capacity to do work/produce heat
can only be used by brain and nervous system
Fats supply body w/...
the ______ rely heavily on the energy from fats
fatty acids
Protein is broken down into...
amino acids
Substance that can provide energy but is not a nutrient...
can be a...
unit used to measure energy
Extra calories are stored as...
glycogen/fat in unlimited amounts in fat cells
Extra glucose is stored in...
liver and muscles as glycogen
___ shares its glycogen, the _____ keep it to themselves.
liver shares
muscles keep
3 important carbs
Starch is the main carb in...
grains and vegetables
starch provides glucose...
in the fom the body can used best
Brain needs ____ to function
people who eat breakfast do better
6 best forms of carbs
grains, breads, cereals, pasta, potatoes, beans
Why is fiber not an energy source?
not digestable to the body, no calories
__ grams of fiber per day
food that provide fiber
fruits, whole grains, vegetables
fiber aids digestion by...
making stool soft, bulky, and moving
Lack of fiber leads to..
constapation and hemorrhoids
4 Health benefits of fiber
1.binds and takes out cholesteral, reduces risk of heart disease
2. balances glucose
3. binds to cancer-causing agents, reduces risk
4. fills you up sooner, reduces over eating
Sugars are chemically similar to..
4 important sugars
glucose: body's feul
sucrose: table sugar
fructose: fruit sugar
lactose: milk sugar
6 functions of proteins
1.body building nutrient
2.does the cells work
3.growth and maitenance of body tissues
4.antibodies (immune system)
5.transport nutrients
Proteins made of...
amino acids
one that the body cannot make = essential amino acids
Good sources of protein
meats, fish, beans, poultry, eggs,cheese,milk, nuts
Essential amino acids
come from animal sources
to get all, have to have a combo anytime during the day
Not enough protein in diet...
1.lose lean tissue
2.immune system will start to weaken problems
4 functions of fat
1.provide energy
2.insulate body from cold and quick changes in temp
3.chushion to protect
4.helps body make hormones
Cholesterol and its use
forms deposits in arteries
--> heart attack and stroke
helps make bile (breaks down fats)
make sex hormones
benefits of reducing fat intake
less risk of:
4.gallbladder disease
Causes of high LDL
1.foods hight in cholesterol
2. # simple carbs/sugars
3.too many trans fats
4. genetics
Ways to lower LDL
2.losing weight
3.avoiding simple carbs
4.restrict trans fat to 20g
Ways to increase HDL
2.consume healthy fats
3.drinking alcohol
Need for water depends on...(6)
2.environmental factors
4.age consumed
6.other factors (illness)
Amount of H20 recommended
7-11 cups
active? then increase amount
Exercise and water
lose 8-16 cups per hour
can only absorb 4 per hour
need to drink before event