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Who is responsible for the regulation and evaluation of the activities of hospitals?
State Departments of Health
What type of program is put in place to evaluate and improve the level of service to patients ensuring that at least minimally accepted levels of service are provided?
Quality Improvement
What federal government center is concerned with prevention and control of diseases?
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
What is one of the strongest social influences on health care today?
An aging population
What process illustrates the concept that a person's health status shifts back and forth during a lifetime?
Health Continuum
What term describes strategies to maintain or improve health?
health promotion
What facility provides care for individuals who need supportive training in order to care for themselves once again?
What facility offers health care for people that are acutely ill?
Name the facility that provides services for people who need care for a prolonged period of time
Long Term Care
Name the service that allows individuals to remain in their home and receive help from a care giver.
Home Health Care
Drug and alcohol treatment centers are examples of what type of health care facilities?
Behavioral Health Centers
What division of the health care institution is made up of individuals who direct the institution in the fulfillment of its stated mission and goals?
The group of people who have the education necessary to provide care to patients are called what?
Health Care Team
Which health care worker determines and secures supportive services such as home health care and financial referral?
Social Worker
What is the name given to centers that provide health care for employees of an industry or business, perform basic examinations, teach accident prevention, safety and provide emergency care?
Industrial Health Care Center
What is the name of the international health agency sponsored by the United Nations?
World Health Organization
The American Cancer Society, the American Heart Association and the American Red Cross are examples of what type of agencies?
Nonprofit agencies
With some insurance plans, after the patient has paid his or her deductible the patient is responsible for 20% of the balance due and the insurance company pays 80%. The 20% the patient pays is called what?
Name the health insurance plan that provides treatment for workers injured on the job.
Worker's Compensation
What is the term frequently used in health care to control the rising cost of health care?
cost containment
What structure shows lines of authority within a health care facility?
organizational chart
For which health care worker does OBRA require states to establish a training and competency evaluation program?
Nurse Assistant
What is the largest and fastest growing industry in the United States?
health care
What is the name given to a group of providers who work together to lower costs by maintaining patients' health and standardizing their treatment?
Health Maintenance Organizations
What is the single largest cost of health care today?
What type of care provides hospital services at a much lower cost, because the patient does not stay overnight
What is the name of the service that provides emergency care for accidents and sudden illnesses, provide tests to check for speech, vision and hearing problems and promote health education for students?
school health services
Buying equipment and supplies in larger quantities at reduced prices is a means of controlling costs. This is called what?
mass or bulk purchasing (either answer)
More individuals are recognizing the importance of exercise, good nutrition, weight control, and healthy living habits. This has led to the development of what kind of centers?
Health Promotion
Worker who can perform a variety of competencies in a health care setting are called:
multi-skilled workers
What federal government office has been one of the most successful in changing health behavior?
Surgeon General
Government health services receives funding from what source?
The amount of money that must be paid by the patient before the insurance begins to pay is known as the: