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If you are confused about an assignment what should you do?
ask for clarification
Name one resource to help you learn about occupations in the health field.
The Dictionary of Occupational Titles
The Occupational Outlook Handbook
(either underlining titles or putting titles in quotes is acceptable)
(appropriate words must be capitalized)
Name three work skills that are valuable in any work environment.
(any order)leadership skills, speaking skills, communication skills, teamwork skills, academic skills, a work ethic
Time management consists of having a healthy balance between what two activities?
(any order) leisure and work
The ability to order your family, school, household, leisure and work activities is called the ability to:
Encouragement from others, a promise of money or a gift, or fear of punishment is called an:
external motivator
A desire to achieve, a feeling of self-worth or pleasure for having done a good job is called an:
internal motivator
Recognizing that there is a discrepancy between what is and what should or could be, identifying possible reasons for those discrepancy, and devising plans to resolve them is called:
problem solving
Applying rules and principles to a new situation and determining which conclusions are correct when given a set of facts and a set of conclusions is called:
An individual's ability to sell goods or services is called:
What skills involve using motor/muscular coordination in manipulation of materials/objects?
Which club officer calls the meeting to order?
What is the term for the motion to end a meeting?
Who is permitted to make a motion?
any club member
Which club officer collects membership dues?
In the absence of the president, who carries out the duties of the president?
In what year was VICA officially founded?
What is the VICA motto?
Preparing for leadership in the world of work
What part of the VICA emblem represents the challenge of modern technology and the need for continuous education?
orbital circles
The VICA creed states: I believe in the Dignity of what?
Which of the VICA colors represents the union of the states and chapters?
In the VICA emblem the hands represent what?
In the VICA emblem the industrial society is represented by what?
In the VICA emblem the Torch represents what?
Which officer displays and explains the torch as a part of the Opening and Closing Ceremony?
Which officer displays and explains the hands in the Opening and Closing Ceremony?
vice president
VICA is the national organization for students enrolled in what type of education?
(any order) trade, industrial, technical and health occupations education
Which part of the emblem denotes a belief in democracy, liberty and the American way of life?
What are the VICA colors?
(any order) red, white, blue, and gold
What is the name of the Executive Director of National VICA?
Steve Denby