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Integumentary system
Body system that includes skin, hair, nails, sweat glands
SYSTEM (group of things)
Endocrine system
Body system that includes glands such as pituitary, thyroid and adrenal
SYSTEM (group of things)
Disease where bones become brittle when you are old
Torn cartilage
This happens when you have a serious injury and you tear your cartilage
When you get this, your big toe swells and is painful
Muscle Bruise
An area of the skin that is a dark color because of blood under the skin. It happens when someone hits you or when you fall down
on the SKIN
These are only dangerous if they are bleeding or change in color
Calcium and Phosphorus
You can find these in cheese and milk. Important for strong bones
An infection in the shape (form) of a ring
Compound Fracture
A broken bone that goes through the skin
Compound = Complicated
Simple Fracture
A broken bone that DOES NOT go through the skin
Simple = Easy
Hairline Fracture
A small crack in the bone that does NOT go all the way through the bone
HAIR-LINE (a line the size of a hair)
Cardiac Muscles
Muscles of the heart
Skeletal Muscles
The body’s muscles that make the bones move
Skeletal = Skeleton, bones; MUSCLES
Athlete's Foot
An infection between the toes that is very contagious (through sweat)
Athletes (Sports players)
Muscular Dystrophy
A disease that you can’t control your muscles
Muscular = Muscles; Dystrophy (DYS=DIS)
A raised place on the skin that has fluid under it
This happens when the bone slips (moves) out of its place
DIS = Bad; Location = Place