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The element that is LEAST chacteristic of enduring love relationships is
What are 3 examples of nonverbal communication?
2-eye contact
What are chactersitcs of good communication in a relationship?
Self disclosure, listening, and providing feedback
Femal communication patterns can often be described as
straight foward
Male communication pattersn can often be described
define cohabitation
living together in sexual relationship but not married
pleasure from a relationship may actually increase as the intensity and the excitement of initial passionate love subsides T or F
Another name for gonads is...
testes and ovaries
the female reproductive structure that playes an important role in sexual arousal and orgasm is the
sperm are manufatured in the
male circumcision involoves removal of the
the release of the ovum is a characteristic of
define dysmernorrhea
painful period/menstration
Areas of the body that are sexually sensitive to touch are called
erogenous zones
the engorgement of tissues that results when more blood flows into an organ than is flowing out is called?
the refractory period is the
point which male cant get hard after orgasm
oral-genital stimulation of the female genitals is called
the primary cause of female infertility in young women is?
untreated STDs and blocked oviducks
most causes of ectopic pregnancy occur b/c of blocked oviducts T or F
a contraceptive that physically blocks the sperm from reaching the egg is
the barrier method ex:diaphram or cervical cap/contraceptive sponge
oral contraceptives primarily pervent conception by
stoppint ovulation
the most common type of oral contraceptive is the
how does risk of death from using oral contraceptives compare w/ the risk of death from pregnancy
women is more likely to die due to pregnancy
the orthoevra skin patch can be worn for how long before removal?
1 week
the nuvaring must be taken out after how many weeks after insertion?
3 weeks
how exactly does the IUD prevent pregnancy?
stops implantation
if a condom breaks, an appropriate strategy for reducing the risk of pregnancy is to
spermicide or emergency contreception; plan B
sperm deposited in the vagina are capable of fertilization for about
5-6 hours
the active ingrident in the minipill form of oral contraceptives is estrogen T of F
False; pregestion
how are flu-like symptons related to HIV infection?
1st symptons you get when you have HIV are flu like
How does the HIV virus survive?
Host, inside
list the methods of transmission of HIV
unprotected sex, mother to child, using contaminated needles and blood products
worldwide, the most common route of HIV infection is
heterosexual sex
define chlamydia
#1 bacterial STD
define epididmitis
stores sperm and this protects it
Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) is a common complication of
chlamydia and ghonnerea
the organism that causes genital warts is
chacteristics of primary syphilis include
shanker develops. 1st stage is apperance of shanker
the most effective approach to avoiding STDs is
absitnece and safe sex
people can become infected with HIV and pass the infection on to a sexual partner w/out ever having problems T of F
a person could test negative on an HIV antibody test and still be infected w/ HIV T or F
Condoms do not need to be worn during oral sex to prevent stds T or F
those who are sexually active are safest w/ one mutually faithful, uninfected partner T of F
All STDs are preventable
The most extreme form of sexual coercion is
Define sexual harrasment
any unwanted sexual advancement
violence in relationships occurs at every socioeconomic level of society T or F
sexual harrasment may take the form of verbal abuse w/out physical contact T or F
In most cases of child sexual abuse, the abuse is a pedophille, unknown to the victim, and is a homosexual T or F
In most cases of rape, the victim knows the attacker T or F