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What is health?
The combination of physical, mental/emotional, and social well being.
What is health literacy?
A person's capacity to learn about and understand basic health info. and services and use these resources to promote his or her health and wellness
What is heredity?
All the traits that are biologically passed from parents to children
What is wellness?
AN overall state of well-being, or total health
What is culture?
The collective beliefs, customs, and behaviors of a group
What are risk behaviors?
Actions that can potentially threaten your health or the health of others
What is prevention?
Practicing health and safety habits to reamin free of disease and injury
What is media?
The various methods of communicating info.
What is abstinence?
A deliberate decision to avoid harmful behaviors including sexual activity before marriage, and the use of tobacco, drugs, and alcohol
What is the wellness wheel?
The wellness whell represents the result of ultimate wellness when physical, mental, and social health are in balance
What is the health continuum?
A way of measuring health on skill by certain behaviors
How do physical, mental, and social health relate to wellness?
When in balance, they lead to wellness
What factors influence your health?
Sleep, Nutrition, Excersize, Toabcco, Drugs, Alcohol, Stress, and Safety
What is stress manegement?
Ways to deal with or overcome the negative effects of stress
What are soem refusal skills?
Decide ahead of time, be friendly yet firm, be honest, speak only for yourself, suggst an alternative, affirm the person, appeal to possible consequences, accept the possibility of rejection
What are the steps of the decision making process?
1. State the situation 2. List the options 3. Weigh possible outcomes (H.E.L.P Healthful.Ethical.Legal.Parent Approval) 4.Consider values 5. Make decisiona nd act on it 6. Evaluate outcome
What does H.E.L.P stand for in decision making process?
P-Parent Approval
What is advertising?
A written or spoken media message designed to interest consumers in purchasing a product or service
What is a Health Consumer?
Anyone who purchases or uses health products or services.
What is physical activity?
Any form of movement that causes the body to use energy
What is physical fitness?
The ability to carry out daily tasks easily and have enough reserve energy to respond to unexpected tasks
What is a sedentary lifestyle?
A way of life the involves little physical activity
What is osteoporosis?
A condition in which there is a progressive loss of bone tissue
What is metabolism?
The process by which the body breaks down substances and gets energy from food
What is cardiorespiratory fitness?
The ability of the heart, lungs, and blood vessels to use and send fuel and oxygen to the body's tissues during long periods of excersize
What is muscular strength?
The amount of force a muscle can exert
What is muscular endurance?
The ability of the muscles to perform physical tasks over a period of time without becoming fatigued
What is flexibility?
The ability to move the body through the full range of motion
What is body composition?
The ratio of body fat to lean body tissue
What is aerobic excersize?
An activity that uses large muscle groups, usually rythmically, and can be maintained for 10 minutes three times a week
What is anaerobic exercise?
Intense short bursts of activity in which the muscle works so hard that they produce energy without oxygen
What is overload?
Working the body harder than it is normally wokred
What is specificity?
Particular exercises and activities that improve particular aras of health-related fitness
What is progression?
The gradual increase of overload necessary to achieve higher levels of fitness
What is warm-up?
An activity that prepares the muscles for work
What is cool-down?
An activity that prepares the muscles to return to a resting state
What is frostbite?
A condition that results when the body tissues become frozen
What is hypothermia?
Condition in which body temperature becomes dangerously low
What is a strain?
Condition resulting from damaging a muscle or tendon
What is a sprain?
An injury to to the ligament surrounding a joint
What does F.I.T.T. stand for?
F- Frequency
I- Intensity
T- Time
T- Type
What is R.I.C.E?
R- Rest
I- Ice
C- Compression
E- Elevation
What is anorexia nervosa?
A disorder in which the irrational fear of becoming obese results in sever weightloss from self-imposed starvation
What are eating disorders?
An extreme, harmful eating behavior that can cause serious illness or even death
What is bulimia nervosa?
A disorder in which some form of purging or learing of the digestive tract that follows cycles of overeating
What is a binge eating disorder?
A disorder characterized by compulsive overeating
Substance Abuse
Any unecessary or improper use of chemical substances for non-medical reasons
phycsiological dependence
A condition in which the used has a chemical need for a drug
psycological dependence
Condition in which a person believes they need a drug to function normally and happily
psychoactive drugs
Chemicals that affect the central nervous system and alter brain activity
Drugs derived from opium plant that are obtainable only by prescription to relieve pain
A physiological or psycological dependence on a drug
A drug that increases the action of the central nervous system, the heart, and other organs
drugs that alter moods, thoughts, and preceptions inclusing vision, sounds, smell, and touch
drugs that slow the central nervous system
a cancer-causing substance
an unlawful attack on a person with the intent to harm or kill
the repeated following, harassing, or threatening of an individual to frighten or cause him or her harm
risk behavior
behaviors that can potentially your health or health or others