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definition of health
combination of physical, mental/emotional and social well being
3 sides of the triangle
what are the three sides of the health triangle and what do they address
mental/emotional health- thaking care of your mind
physical health- taking care of your body
social health- how you interact with others
define self-esteem
the concensus of our attitudes ideas and opinions about ourself
defing risk taking behavior.
taking part in behavior that may harm or injure yourself or others
define self-assment.
an evaluation of one's own behaviors and actions.
attitude of a perfectionist and a perfectionist statement
all or nothing attitude
'if it's not perfect, im a failure'
how many steps are there in the decision making process and what is the acronym for it
6 steps d.e.c.i.d.e.
what food group is at the base of the food guide pryamid
what is calcium's purpose/role
builds and strengthens bones, regulates blood pressure,nervous system
which are fat soluble vitamins
a d e k
which are water soluble
c b
what happens to unused water soluble vitamins
they pass out of the body through the urine
function of vitamin k
essential for clotting blood
calories pre gram of carb, fat, or protein
the difference between complex carbs and simple carbs
simple carbs are quick energy sources complex are more long lasting
complex- starch and dietary fiber
what is dietary fiber
the non-digestible part of plants
what is the epiglottis
flap of skin in the throat that prevents food from traveling into the lungs
what organ produces bile and what is biles purpose
the liver
bile breaks down fat
the function of the gaul blatter
storage tank for bile
where does digestion begin
in the mouth
know types of digestion and examples
mechanical-teeth chewing food
chemical-saliva breaking down food
what is peristalsis and where it takes place
contraction and release moving food along digestive track- esophagus
what is the appendix and what are the symptoms of appendicitis
worn like and useless
gets infected when food gets caught in it
what is the major cause of ulcer disease
h pylori a specific kind of bacteria attacks and damages stomach lining
the names of simple sugars and their sources
fructose plants, fruits, sap
sucrose fruits and vegetables
glucose fruits and vegetables
maltose grains
lactose milk/dairy
anorexia and bulimia
i know far too well
what should a healthy relationship look like and what are the purposes of dating
calm, friends and physical, privacy both sides, allows for difference of opinion, noesnt force commitment, neither dominates
safe dating practices
carry a cellphone with you, carry money, tell someone where you are
steryotypes and cliques
sterotypes- a preconceived idea about a group of people base on the actions of one or more members
cliques- smaal tightknit groups that exclude people on the outside
define battering
a pattern of behavior used to establish control over another person through fear and intimidation
what is the ost common age range for date rape
highschool/ college age
define sexual abuse, verbal abuse, and psychological abuse
sexual- sexually violent attack
verbal- verbal harassment or intimidation
pyschological- messing with someone elses hesd to gain control and to manipulate
what to do and not to do if you are raped
do- tell someone
go to the hospital
press charges
dont- clean-up
change clothes
medical term for breastbone
what keeps the blood flowing in one direction
recognize blood cell types
white blood cells
red blood cells
where plasma is made
in the liver
recognize blood vessels
which vessel carries blood away and to the body
what conects arteries to veins
which blood vessel carries oxygen rich blood
chest pain
bulging artery
irregular heart beat
hardening of the arteries
heart defect before birth
congenital heart desease
high blood pressure
primary sex characteristics for male and female
female- menstruation
female hormones and male hormones
female- estrogen and progesterone
male- testosterone
size and shape of the uterus
size of a fist
shape of an upside down pear
menstruation and conception
menstruation- shedding of the lining of the uterus
conception- when spermy meets eggy and they implant
know what a clitoris is
a small sensitive organ
what organ in the reproductive area do both men and womed have
a urethra
purpose of pap smears
to prevent cervical cancer
what is contained inside the scrotum
the testicles
know the names of the external male reproductive organs
the penis and the scrotum
which male reproductive organ does not come in a pair
the name of the fluid that carries and nourishes sperm
know what a zygote embyro and fetus are
zugote- fertilized egg
embyro- first 8 weeks
fetus- 8 weeks to birth
difference between implantation and fertilization
implantation- when joined egg and sperm implant themselves on the wall of the uterus
fertilization- eggy meets spermy
how many trimesters in a pregnancy
define tubal or ectopic pregnancy
egg implants on flaopian tube wall instead of uterus potentially fatal
difference between fraternal and identical twins
fraternal 2 eggs 2 sperm
identical 1 egg 1 sperm
placenta is delivered last
best time to do bse
half way throught ones cycle