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safe weight gain methods
strength training and 500 additional calories a day
body may make extreme metabolic adjustments in an effort to maintain a certain amount of fat
setpoint theory
essential for normal blood clotting
vitamin K
based on principle that 1/2 of bodies fat is located directly under the skin
skinfold thickness
best training zone
.85 to 1
well balanced diet (lots of fruits, veggies, and fiber) and exercise
most effective way to lose weight
flexion of the arm
lower resting heart rate, decreased amount of fat lipids, decrease in high blood pressure
cardiorespiratory endurance training
1/2 per year
muscle loss
longest muscle
satorious muscle
flexion of the trunk
rectus abdominus
3500 calories
to gain one pound of fat
high risk for disease to the body mass index
wind sprints, weight lifting, 1/2 pipe snow boarding
anaerobic exercise
max amount of oxygen the body can handle
helps protect against infection
vitamin c
person fears weight gain more than death
anorexia nervosa
the kidneys have to work overtime when this type of diet is practice by the heart is one beat
stroke volume
3% and 12% respectively
essential fat in men and women
americas favorite drug
eating excessive amounts of food and doing nothing to get ride of it
binge eating
pulminary cardiovascular muscular system
systems involved in cardiovascular endurance
direct method in measure body comp, used by research and medical facilities
accurate technique available to fitness labs but not HPS 1000
Bod pod