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A form of glucose stored in the muscles and liver is....
A fad diet is one that is......
popular for a short time and usually has a gimmick
What would happen to your intestines if you did not eat any fiber?
Wastes would build up and stay longer than normal
a diet that contains foods from the four(4) basic food groups is a......
balanced diet
Foods that are high in cholesterol include....
red meat and egg yolks
Amino acids that you must get from the foods eat are.....
essential amino acids
What vitamins are water-soluble?
B-complex and C
How is energy from food measured?
Iodine, iron, and copper are all...
trace minerals
If you needed to get some extra water, which food would you not eat?
Incomplete proteins are foods that do not have........
some essential amino acids
What is not a comlex carbohydrate?
apple juice
Underweight people fight disease more easily than people at a healthy weight.
The best way to lose weight is to.......
eat less and exercise more
Eating foods high in cholesterol can contribute to heart disease.
Starches take longer to digest than simple carbohydrates.
A calcium deficiency may cause your teeth to develop improperly.
Minerals help make blodd cells, hormones, and other substances your body needs.
How many servings of foods from the Milk Group do you need each day?
What contains unsaturated fat?
corn oil