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Physical Activity
Activity that requires any type of movement
Structured, planned physical activity, often carried out to improve fitness
Physical Fitness
Ability of the body to respond to the demands placed upon it
Skill-Related Fitness
Ability to perform specific skills associated with various sports and leisure activities
Health-Related Fitness
Ability to perform daily living activities with vigor
Cardiorespiratory Fitness
Ability of the heart and lungs to efficiently deliver oxygen and nutrients to the body's muscles and cells via bloodstream
Target Heart Rate (THR) Zone
Range of exercise intensity that allows you to stress your cardiorespitory system without overloading the system
Muscular Strength
Capacity of a muscle to exert force against resistance
Muscular Training
Capacity of a muscle to exert force repeatedly over a period of time
Cross Training
Participation in one sport to improve performance in another or the use of several different types of training for a specific goal
Muscular Power
Amount of work performed by muscles in a given period of time
Core-Strength Training
Strength training that conditions the body torso from the neck to the lower back
Body Composition
Relative amounts of fat and fat-free mass in the body
Low body temperature, a life threatening condition