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Define nutrients.
Substances in food that your body needs to function properly.
(for growing,repairing itself, and for supplying energy.)
What factures influence your appetite?
environment, culture, family and friends,time and money,emotions
What is Nutrition?
the process by which the body takes in and uses food.
Name 3 foods that contain carbohydrates.
examples: potatoes,bread, cereals, rice.
Define saturated fat.
A fat that contains all the hydrogen atoms it can hold.
Define unsaturated fat.
A fat that is missing one or more pairs of hydrogen atoms.
Define vitamins.
Compounds that help regulate many vital body processes, including the digestion, absorption,metabolism, and use of other nutrients.
Explain Water-soluble vitamins.
They disolve in water and pass easily into the bloodstream in the process of digestion.
Explain Fat-soluble vitamins.
They are absorbed and transported by fat.
What does RDA stand for?
Recommended Dietary Allowance (the amount of nutrients needed to keep people healthy.)
A.No single food provides all the nutrients your body needs so....
B.Balance the foods you eat with....
C.Grain products, vegetables and fruits are sources of.... should eat a variety of foods.

B.physical activity.

C.complex carbohydrates and fiber.
Eating high amounts of fat can lead to obesity, some cancers, heart disease, and high cholesterol. True or False
What can happen if you eat too much sugar?
tooth decay and it may be substituted for foods that provide essential nutrients.
What can happen if you eat too much salt and sodium?
too much sodium can cause high blood pressure.
Why are food additives added to food?
1. to add nutrients
2. lengthen storage life
3. give color or flavor
4. maintain texture
5. control food's acidity
6. help age foods ie. cheese
What is the difference between complete proteins and incomplete proteins.
Complete proteins contain all the essential amino acids the body needs and incomplete proteins are foods that lack some of the essential amino acids.
How do minerals differ from vitamins?
Minerals are inorganic and vitamins are organic.
The government requires certain kinds of information on food labels. Name 3 of them.
*serving size *servings per container *calories per serving *calories per serving from fat *grams of total fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, sodium, carbohydrates, fiber, sugars, and protein per serving. % of the Recommended Daily Value the product supplies, plus some important minerals and vitamins.
Define "unit pricing".
A strategy for recognizing the relative cost of a product based on the cost of an ounce or a gram.