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What 3 major factors have changed family life since the 1950's?
1)more women working
2)high divorce rate
3)postponing marriage and parenthood
Name 3 responsibilities of parents with in a family.
1)meet children's basic needs
2)setting rules
Name 5 family forms
1)nuclear 2)single parent
3)extended family 4)foster
What is a decision making skill?
making a choice between 2 or more things
Who would be good people to ask for help in solving family problems?
relatives, trusted friends, clergy, mental health professionals, crisis hotline
What should victims of abuse do?
Why don't the victims do this?
-tell someone and get help
-they feel they are to blame and if they tell the family will be destroyed
Name 3 kinds of family violence or abuse.
What are some good things families can do to resolve conflicts?
1)talk honestly and say what they mean
2)listen to others
3)use decision making techniques
Name 3 responsibilities children in family may have.
1)household chores
2)taking care of siblings
3)earning $ from part-time jobs
What are 5 things you learn in a family relationship?
1)love 2)respect 3)get along with others 4)function in a group 5)interdependence (what you do affects others)
What is a relationship?
Meaningful association with others
Name some possible causes of financial problems in a family.
1)job loss
2)serious illness
3)family breakup
How can families make strong relationships and improve quality of time spent together?
1)family traditions
2)time with extended family
3)help each other-problems, understanding, advice
T or F If there is a person abusing drugs everyone in the family is affected.
Name 4 causes of stress mentioned in the chapter for stress in a family.
1)divorce or separation
2)money problems
3)drug use
4)family violence
Name some ways children of divorce can feel better.
1)talk to someone
2)focus on good parts of life
3)read about others the same
4)suppport groups
Name some feelings felt by children of divorced parents.
guilt, anger, saddness, failure, embarrassment
What are 3 things families need to do to remain emotionally healthy?
1)learn to resolve conflicts
2)express emotions
3)disagree respectfully