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Why is self-esteem important to health?
It has a direct effect on all aspects of health-mental, social, and physical
What is a pessimist?
Someone who looks at the negatives and expects the worst.
What is depression?
emotional state where you feel hopeless and worthless
According to Erikson what stage are teens in?
Identity VS role confusion
the are trying to find a sense of self lots of questions
What is grief?
period of deep sorrow following the death of a loved one
Define extrovert
Outgoing individual
Name the 5 parts of Maslow's hierarchy of needs.
*Basic physical needs *Safety needs *Social needs *Esteem needs *Self-actualization
What is personality?
Unique combination of traits that make you an individual.
Name 6 defense mechanisms
Compensation, rationalization, denial, reaction formation, projection,regression
What is mental health? Describe 4 characteristics.
comfortable with yorself, others, and surroundings
*realistic about strengths and weaknesses *responsible for daily living *caring toward self and others *feel joy and achievements
What is love?
Name 3 kinds of love
deep feelings of affection and concern
*family members, *friends, *romantic *country
Name some characteristics of mentally healthy people.
friendly, optimistic, loving.
can be assertive,laugh at themselves, try new things, try to do their best
What is a theory?
coordinated set of ideas used to explain something
What is an optimist?
Someone who focuses on the positive side of things
What are some traits of people who have self-actualization?
Realistic, accepting, independent, self-sufficient, appreciative of life, concerned about other humans, fair, love others, hardworking
What is self-actulization?
When a person tries to be all they can be (the Army)
Name at least 4 ways to boost self-esteem.
*focus on strengths and things you do well *pick friends that support you *set goals and ways to achieve *avoid negative thinking * have sense of humor
What is a phychologist?
A person who studies the human mind and behavior
What is self-esteem?
How much you like yourself and how good you feel about yourself.
What is a peer group?
Friends who are the about the same age and who share interests.
Why shouldn't you use defense mechanisms to often?
they can stunt emotional growth, won't learn to express feelings, won't develop good skills
What are the 3 parts of personality that Frued talked about, and what did they do?
*Id-biological urges(hunger)
*Ego-thoughtful decision making (find food)
*Superego-right from wrong, conscience (don't steal food)
What is a defense mechanism?
an unconscious coping strategy people use to defend themselves against difficult feelings
What does assertive mean?
Able to stand up for yourself and express your feelings in a nonthreatening way
What is an emotion?
Name 6 emotions
reaction to a situation involving mind, body, and behavior
love, anger, fear, guilt, happiness, sadness
Who are 3 people that had theories about personality?
Sigmund Freud, Erick Erikson, Abraham Maslow
What is a coping strategy?
a way of dealing with an uncomfortable or unbearable feeling or situation
What does passive mean?
Holding back your feelings and yeilding to others
What are personality traits influenced by?
Both heredity and environment
What stage are infants in?
Trust vs. mistrust
What is an unconscious thought?
thoughts of which a person is not aware like a forgotten childhood memory
What is a conscious thought?
A thought of which a person is aware
Define introvert
not outgoing thoughts directed inward
What does aggressive mean?
communicating your ideas or feelings in a forceful or threatening way
What was Eriksons theory of personality development?
Eight stages that contiued throughout your life.
What is psychoanalysis?
treatment that brings unconscious thoughts to the conscious mind so that conflicts can be resolved