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The effect a drug has depends on the following factors:
1) The ingredients of the drug and its effects on the b ody
2) Traditional use of the drug
3) Individual motivation
4) Social and physical surroundings in which the drug is taken
When were attempts first made to regulate drug use?
2240 B.C.
In the past, what were the penalties of cigarette smoking in:
a)having the nose cut off in Russia
b)lips sliced off in India
c)hand chopped off in China
What is the amount of money in sales per year of perscription drugs in the United States?
$102 billion dollars
In 2001, what percentage of the U.S. population 12 and older reported using illicit drugs at some point in their lives?
What percent of jail and state prison inmates reported that they used drugs at some point in their lives?
What percentage of drug users in the united states are employed full or part-time?
What percentage of convicted inmates had been
a) drinking alcohol or
b) using drugs
at the time they commited their offense?
a) 41% were drinking
b) 36% were using drugs