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Symptoms a person may have when he/she does not get a drug he/she is used to having.
A person trained to prepare medicines.
physical drug dependence
the body is addicted (or has to have) a drug
emotional drug dependence
a person thinks he/she has to have a drug
medicine abuse
using a medicine the wrong way or for the wrong reasons
a dose of a drug or medicine that is large enough to cause harm to the body
Name two people who would be good sources of information about the side effects of a drug
doctor, pharmacist
Who can legally take a prescription medicine?
Only the person named on the prescription label can take the medicine legally.
Who can write a prescription?
a doctor
What is a dosage and where is it listed?
A dosage is the amount of a medicine or drug that should be taken at one time and it is listed on the medicine label.
What does OTC stand for?
"over the counter" medicine