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a federal agency established to research the quality of health care delivery
alternative therapies
methods of treatment that are used in place of biomedical therapies
assisted living facilities
a place where individuals who can basically care for themselves can rent apartments and receive some basic medical care (ex: medication assistance)
a division of the USDHHS - concerned with the causes, spread, and control of diseases
a health care facility found in many types of health care - may be private or public - some examples: surgical clinics, rehabilitation clinics
complementary care
methods of treatment that are used in conjunction with conventional types of medicine
cost containment
a method or means of trying to control the rising cost of health care
dental offices
an office that provides dental services or care and treatment of the mouth and teeth
a "trend" in health care - groups of diagnoses admitted to a hospital and classified in one payment group
genetic counseling centers
a agency that provides information to couples planning to start a family - they perform certain testing that may identify genetic abnormalities