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1st signs of puberty-female
usu breast buds, sometimes pubic hair
hair development starts at age _____
preadolescent to adult takes ___ years
Stages of puberty hair development 1-5
1: no hair, 2: slight & light, along labia, 3: darker, over pubis symphysis, 4: more, but not on thights, 5: adult, includes thighs
skene's gland
around urethral opening
bartholin's glands
5-7 o'clock to introitus, should be painless
pelvic muscle integrity
cystocele, rectocele, enterocele, urinary incontinence; press down or up at vaginal opening and have pt bear down.
uterine prolapse
1st: cervix at introitus
2nd: cervix outside of introitus
3rd: complete
nabothian cysts
benign condition; nabothian glands become covered with squamous cells (metaplasia) & become filled with secretions (cystic); no symptoms, usu discovered on exam, may or may not clear on own
cervical polyps
usu friable, happen as result of chronic inflammation, should be removed, may need further tx if infection involved
GC, CT, Herpes, Pap--what to sample
GC: mucous, CT: endocervical cells, Herpes: lesion scrapping, Pap: squamocolumnar junction