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Alcoholics usually have
a poor self concept. They don't think they are a good person.
How many drinks per hour would cause theis person to feel slightly warm?
1 Drink
True or False
Alcoholism is affected by both heredity and environment.
True or False Large amounts of alcohol in the liver cause damage in the form of scar tissue.
Which contains equal amounts of ethanol?
a can of beer and a shot of whiskey
The most common cause of death among teenagers is drowning.
Ethanol is made from
grains and fruits
Liquor contains isopropyl alcohol?
The Student Assistance Program helps students who are abusing alcohol.
How much would this person have to weigh in order to reduce the effects of alcohol by one-half?
280 Pounds
How many drinks per hour would this person have to drink in order to be legally intoxicated in all states?
5 drinks (many people would be very drunk at five drinks!!)
Under what category of drug is ethanol classified?
Alcohol is a depressant.
At what BAC is death likely.
.60 percent
How does alcohol move through the body?
in the circulatory system
The process that changes sugar into ethanol (alcohol) is called
Which has the higher percentage of alcohol?

80 proof liquor 12 percent wine
6 percent beer 40 proof liquor
80 proof liquor
Which of the following does not affect a person's BAC (blood alcohol level, how much alcohol in your blood)?
how smart the person is
The illness a person feels as his or her body rids itself of alcohol is
a hangover.
Which of the following has not been associated with alcoholism?
emphysema, it is a disease of the lungs caused by smoking.
A tolerance to alcohol that results in emotional and physical dependency is called. Addicted to alcohol.
Which of the following is not a symptom of a hangover?
high blood pressure is not a symptom of a hangover.
Women who drink alcohol during pregnancy may give birth to babies with
fetal alcohol syndrome. They have birth defects and may even be retarded.
What is the first step in making a responsible decision about a problem? (drinking problem or any problem)
First you must realize that a problem exists and that a decision needs to be made.
Which of the following is a program to help the families and driends of alcoholics?

Alcoholics Anonymous is for the alcoholic himself.