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-the body's building blocks
-the body uses proteins to grow & build muscle
-you can get proteins from fish, meat, chicken, milk, nuts & bread
-nutrients used by the body for energy
-help the body move, breathe & do other jobs
-foods that contain sugar such as fruits,pasta, breads and crackers
-nutrients that give the body long-lasting energy
-the body's cells store energy from fats for use over a long time
-you don't need alot of fat each day but you do need some
-peanuts,meats & oils are sources of fat
-a material in plants that can't be digested
-keeps the digestive system healthy
-helps move waste through your digestive system (stomach & intestines)
-beans, whole wheat breads, cereals & fruits & vegetables are rich sources of fiber
Name two good sources of vitamins.
- fruits
- vegetables
What does calcium do?
- keeps bones and teeth strong
What is a good source of calcium?
Why might water be called the "drink of life"?
- You cannot live without water for more than a few days
-water is most important for almost everything the body does
-you should drink 6-8 glasses of water a day
-every cell in your body contains water
-blood is mostly water