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Gender Role
Gender expected behavior that society gives males and females
Between two people in an intimate relationship-an emotional tie
-a much more stable relationship
Serious Conversations
-undivided attention
-environment to get attention
-I statements
-focus on specific behavior then the person
-avoid generalizations
-make constructive requests
-avoid accusing, belittling
-ask for action
-be an excellent listener
-don't interrupt
-don't give unsolicited advice
Conflict Resolution (4)
1. Both know issues
2. Know wants of both
3. Identify various alternatives
4. Generate a variety of outcomes
Sexual Orientation
sexual attractiveness to someone of the same or opposite sex
Shaped by biological, psychological, and cultural forces
Germ Cells
Sperm, ova, or eggs, produced by reproductive system
hygienic and cultural thing; removal of the foreskin
Male hormones
Female Hormones
Most important female hormone; induces the development of female secondary sex characteristics during puberty, regulates the menstrual cycle, and sustains pregnancy
46 total; blueprint specific to each person
Sexual Maturation
female-breast development, hip, buttock roundness, first menstrual period
4 Phases of Menstrual Cycle
1. Menses-Menstrual Flow 1-5
2. Estrogen-Flow seizes
3. Ovulation
4. Progestational
animal instincts-how animals know when they're ready to concieve
Arogenous Zone
sensitive to stimulation; highly responsive to sexual stimulation
Sexual Response Cycle-4 phases
1. Excitement Stage-Vasocongestion-more in then out
2. Plateau-continuation of excitement
3. Orgasmic
4. Resolution-reversed from 1st vasodialation stage
Refractory Period
the idea that men can't go back into sex right away
More blood in then out
more blood out then in
Yeast Infection
growth of the tissue outside the uterus
pelvic inflammatory disease; spread organisms 50-70% caused by STD
Orgasmic Dysfunciton
inability to experience orgasm under any circumstance
Sexual Cohersion
forcing someone to do something sexually that they do not (not consensual)
Barrier Method
keeping sperm from reaching the egg; condom, diaphragm, scar tissue
Hormonal Method
a women doesn't ovulate
Natural Method
figure out the womens cycle and abstain during certain times
Surgical Method
fairly reversible-vasectomy, hysterectomy
release of the egg from the ovaries
How much does it cost to raise a child for one year?
8500 dollars per year/per child
cannot get pregnant and have been trying for over one year
50% women 50% men
general anaesthetic
a reversible loss of consciousness
ectopic Pregnancy
A pregnancy that has to be aborted because the baby starts to grow in the fallopian tubes instead of the uterus
Identical Twins
twins who develop from the division of a single zygote; genetically identical
Fraternal Twins
twins who develop from separate fertilized eggs; not genetically identical
An egg ripens and is released from a follicle. The egg travels through an oviduct (fallopian tube)