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-first destroy epidermis then dermis
-break the skin and caurse infection,fluid loss,loss of temp control
-damage respiratory system and eyes
1st layer of skin

2nd layer of skin

beneath epi and dermi and has nerves,hair roots,sweat glands,oil glands,blood vessels


check scene
1-remove from source
2-run under cool water for 15 min
3-cover w/ clean sterile dressing
4-medical attention
5-prevent infection
6-minimize shock
care for burns
depends on temp of souce,length of exposure,location of burn,extent,age,medical conditions
severity of burns
-life threatening,disfiguring,disabling,call 911 if
-burns cover lage area
-burns airway
-victim is under 5 or older than 60
critical burns
-household bleach,drain cleaners,lawn chemicals

-flush w/ water,call EMS
chemical burns
-can cause resiratory arrest and stop heart

types=power line,malfunction appliances/lightening
electrical burns
-solar radiation=from sun and certain chemicals
-heat burns
radiation burns
2 lower layers of skin destroyed and life threatening
deep burn
burn on top layer
-dry red skin
superficial burn
injury to the skin or body tissue caused by heat,chemicals,electricity,or radiation
layers of skin,fat,muscles
soft tissue
-area around burn ecomes swollen and red
-feels warm or throb w/ pain
-discharge pus
symptoms/signs of infection