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addictive drug
a sustance that causes physilocical or physicological depency
a drug that increases the action of he central nerviouse system. the heart lungs and other organs
is a cancer causeing substance
a thick steaky dark fluid produced when burning tabacco
smokeless tabacco
is a tabacco that is sniffed held to mouth or chewed
thickend white leathery looking spots on the inside of the mouth that can develop into oral cancer
nicutine withdrawl
the proces that occurs in the body when nicotine is no longer used
nicotine substitute
product that deliviers small amounts of nicoine into the users systen while he or she is trying to quit
environmental tobacco smoke
air that has been cotaminated with tabaco smoke
mainstream smoke
smoke exhaled from the lungs of a smoker
side stream smoke
smoke from the burning end of a tabacco smoking tool