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what is euthinasia? and who practices it?
assisted suicide/mercy killing
-Dr. Death (put in prison)
a terminally ill person who refuses to accept that they are dying, they are said to be suffering from...
what is hospice?
a care center for people who are terminally ill
the first 4-6 minutes after the heart and lungs have stopped working are called:
circulatory death
the process of burning a body after death is called:
the speech a family gives after the death of a loved one is called:
a community agency that counsels child abuse victims:
a well-balanced adulescent should be concerned with:
how they feel about themselves
legal obligations during teen pregnancy give the father ...
the same amount of obligations as the mother
teen pregnancies are usually a. planned, b. not planned
b. not planned
steriods are illegal all the time T or F
steriods are illegal unless given a prescription
a good source of fiber is: a. cheese, b. meat, c. whole wheat
c. whole wheat
a safe diet would not include a. eliminate a meal, b. eating a low calorie meal, c. exercise a lot
a. eliminate a meal
the best way to gain weight is:
eat a diet with the main focus of carbs and protein
if u eat a diet with 3500 how many pounds will u gain?
a good alternative to abusing drugs is:
a. joining clubs, b.drinking, c.watching t.v.
a. joining clubs
what is emphazema?
a disease that inhabits the lungs in which many, small, flexible air sacs burst, and form a few large, rigid air pockets
what do depressants do?
slow down the nervous system
what is not an effect of an increase in blood alcohol: a. decrease in depth perception, b. improvement of rational thinking, c.possible blackouts
b. improvement in rational thinking
what is a carcinogen?
cancer-causing agent
genital herpes is...
herpes simplex virus 2
hypertension is...
high blood pressure
blood pressure is:
tumors that are malignant are
removal of tumor to test for cancer
agency for food health:
OTC advantage:
cost less than perscription
what is harmful stress?
what is anaerobic exercise?
exercise that does NOT use oxygen
what are carbohydrates?
a class of nutrients made of sugars;these nutrients include sugar, starch, and fiber. all but fiber provide energy
what are empty calories?
a popular term referring to food that contribute much energy but little nutrients
what is anorexia nervosa?
when young people starve themselves to lose weight
what is bulimia?
when young people binge on food, then starve or vomit
what is fat?
a class of nutrients that does not mix with water. Fat is made mostly of fatty acids that provide energy to the body.
what is protein?
a class of nutrients that builds body tissues and supplies made of amino acids
what are vitamins?
essential nutrients that do not yield energy, but that are required for growth and proper functioning of the body
what are minerals?
elements of the earth needed in the diet, which preform many functions in the body tissues.
what are hallucinogens?
drugs that cause visions and other sensory illusions.
what are narcotics?
habit-forming drugs that relieve pain and produce sleep when taken in moderate doses
what are designer drugs?
laboratory-made drugs that closely resemble illegal drugs in chemical structure, but that are different enough to be legal until ruled illegal.
what are inhalants?
chemicals inhaled to produce a high
what are amphetamines?
powerful, addictive stimulant drugs;suppress appetite aka speed
what is passive smoking?
inhaling a combination of exhaled mainstream smoke and sidestream smoke that enters the air from the tip of a burning cigarette
what is maslow's heirarchy of needs?
from the top down...
self-actualization of needs
physiological needs