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What is the active ingredient in marijuana?
What is the hippocampus responsible for?
Learning and Memory.
Marjuana affects the ___________ & ______________. The cerebellum is in charge of motor conrol.
Cerebellum, Cerebrum.
Marijuana causes ________ ________?
Panic Attacks.
Marijuana does impair __________ & ___________ ability.
Driving, and tracking.
What has a negative effect on your immune system.
Marijuana has a better quality now then in the ___'s and ____'s?
60's and 70s'
THC is a _________ drug?
What affects short term memory.
From smoking marijuana _________ _________ are ususally delayed?
withdrawal symptoms.
Absorption of alcohol. Stomache ___% and Small intestines are ___%
20% and 80%
equaling 100%
_________ slow alcohol absorption while cabonated liquids increase it?
Factors that influence the absorption of alcohol:
- Strength of the beverage.
- Number of drinks consumed.
- Speed of consumption.
- Prescence of food.
- Body chemistry.
- Gender.
Alcohol travels from your Brain > _________ > Liver > stomache > ___________.
Esophagus, small intestine.