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Pulsating, bursting headaches (Bell, Lach, Puls.)
HAs < sun.
HA accompanied by injection of the sclera, by flushed face, by bounding carotids.
Headache with numb or empty sensation. (Cocc., Plat.)
Head injury with mental dullness and confusion.
Brow furrowed.
Wrinkled forehead.
Helleborus-Christmas Rose
Migraine HA with severe nausea and vomiting.
Ipecacuanha: Ipecac root.
Classic migraine HA, generally right-sided pain, often centered in temple or below or above the eye.

Blurred vision before HA.

Vomiting w/ headache which affords no relief.
Iris versicoloar: Liver Lily. Snake Lily
Headache, worse from mental exertion.
Chilly, worse cold.
General aggravation from coition.
Great depletion.
Mental breakdown-fatigue.
Headache, worse before menses or during.
Excoriation and inflammation of mucous membranes. Hemorrhages and abnormal bleeding. Great offensiveness in the inflammed part.
Headache alternating sides.
Vertigo as if floating.
Lac Caninum
Deep furrows of the brow or jowls.
Grey hair in streaks or patches, mainly right side.
Facial neuralgia, right-sided, better heat and pressure.
Magnesia Phosphorica
Headache, especially mid-forehead or at the root of the nose, worse from reading.
Headache from smoke or in smokers.
Natrum arsenicum
Headache from the sun and from over-heating.
Natrum carbonicum
Headache; Migraine; Headache, < light, < sun, < reading, < 10am or from 10am to 3 pm. HAs "like hammers beating the head." HAs from grief. HAs in schoolgirls.
Natrum muriaticum
Natrum sulph
Injury to head.
4 Remedies.
Opium, Nat-S, Arn, Hell
Headache which travels in a band across the top of the head from ear to ear.
Headaches, often migraines, which occur at the last hour of the menstrual flow.
Migraine headache on the right side, typically begins in the neck or even the trapezius muscles o the right side adn extends to the forehead and eye.
Headache better from vomiting.
Sanguinaria. Bloodroot.
Left-sided headaches, especially over the left eye.
Left-sided (rarely right-sided) excruciating headaches, generally above or through the left eye or orbit.
Left facial neuralgia or ciliary neuralgia. Glaucoma. Iritis.
Spigelia: Wormgrass.
Headache or neuralgia with gradual onset and fading.
Weakness, worse slight exertion, worse talking, better lying.
Violent jerking of the head.
Headaches on weekends.
Headache, may be felt in bones of the head, worse night.
Headache with deathly nausea.
Left frontal or temporal headache.
Eyebrows are thin or become absent on the lateral half.
Compulsive or angry head banging.
Adenopathy and hard glands of head and neck.
Headache during coryza; worse in warm rooms, better in open air. HA < on closing the eyes.
Allium cepa
Headache > cold applications.
Hemorrhoids > cold bath.
Vertigo, worse closing the eyes.
Cannot be hurried.
Vertigo, often with sudden onset.
Electric shock sensations, especially in sleep or on going to sleep.
Argentum metallicum
During acute ailments, the head complaints are amel. by cold. In chronic conditions of the head the pains are often burning and amel. by heat.
Arsenicum Album
Vertigo, often accompanied by a floating sensation.
Hyper-acuity for noise, especially noises like scratching of nails on chalkboards, or of chewing.
Asarum: Wild Ginger
Boring headaches at inner angle of the right eye.

Nasal obstruction and severe sinusitis.
In acute and chronic vertigo, worse turning the head, worse turning over in bed, worse bending forward.

Dreams of falling. (Thuja.)
Sleeps on abdomen.
Head pains often begin in occiput and radiate to the right temple or forehead and settle about the right eye. (Sang.)
Head pains begin 3 pm or at 11 am and peaking at 3pm
Head pains < light, noise, jar, motion, sun, menses, heat, washing the hair, stepping, touch, stooping, coughing.

Head pains > by cold applications, lying in the dark, pressure, from binding the head.

Craving lemon and lemonade.
Headache especially at 10am (Nat-M).

Great sensitivity to noise.
Easily startled.
Natrum salt: Boron and Natrum.
Left-sided Headaches.
Headache over left eye or forehead extending to the occiput then to the whole head. (Most complaints are right-sided, but HA is left.)
Head aggravated by motion, even the eyes. < Cough.

Tongue coated white or brownish, especially in the center.

Sleeps on left side.
(Sulph, Nat-M, Calc, Thuja)
Headache in school aged children.
Gen. < cold
Gen. < drafts.
General aggr. at the time the snow is melting.
Calc phos.
Red face with small, red, dilated blood vessels on face and nose. (Not a HA remedy necessary.)
Easily confused with Calc carb.

Craves pepper.
Right-sided headache.
Facial neuralgia especially if associated with liver conditions. (Jaundice.)

Gen. < 4am or 2 to 4am.
Headache < from hard pressure.

Periodicity, esp. every 2 or 7 days.
Gen. < foggy or cold, damp weather. < autumn. < touch.
Aversion to touch, esp. light touch.
Headache with vertigo or flickering vision.

Flickering before eyes and visual disturbances.
Dimness of vision. Diplopia. Strabismus.

Gen. < from cold.
Gen. < from suppressed menses.
Headache from suppression of sinusitis.
< damp or cold, damp weather.
< change of weather.
Dulcamara: Bittersweet
Long continued headaches, often lasting 2 to 3 days.

Red flushed face, or pale face which flushes easily.

< exertion or from sitting still. Pt. feels best when walking about slowly.
Headache beginning in the occiput or neck and radiating to the forehead.
Headache > by urination.
Heavy head, heels as if he can hardly lift it.
Congestive/Migraine HA:
Whole brain feels very tired. Awkward, drops things; Rolls their head; Eye lids swollen.
< head, room
> cool, air
Congestive/Migraine HA:
Sudden onset. Throbbing. Fullness. Head sensitive to cold, drafts; Dilated pupils.
< check sweat; light, noise.
< jarring.
Congestive/Migraine HA:
Bursting frontal HA, sensation of pressure on or above left eye or temple; thirsty; pain always shifts to side lain on; must keep perfectly still, quiet. Vertigo on rising up. Full quick hard pulse.
< motion; rising up
< eating
< vexation
> firm pressure; lying on painful part.
> cool open air; quiet.
Congestive/Migraine HA:
Sensation of pressure and blurred vision; sensation as if band wrapped around head. No thirst. Pain in temple extending into ear; Confused.
< emotions; shock;
< spring, humid weather.
Congestive/Migraine HA:
Throbbing; Upward surges of blood; Confusion; Heavy head but cannot lie on pillow; cannot bear any heat around heat;
< heat, on head, sun, weather
< motion, shaking, jar
Congestive/Migraine HA:
Sensorial (mental)depression; rolls head; bores head into pillow; involuntary sighing; thirsty.
Helleborus: Christmas Rose
Congestive/Migraine HA:
Pains comes in waves of deep pain at root of nose, temple, whole left side; < suppressed menses; left side complaints move to right
Congestive/Migraine HA:
Awakes angry; much gas;
< warmth; > warm drinks
Congestive/Migraine HA:
Coldness of occiput.
< lying on left or painful side;
< cold, hands.
< warm ingesta
Right side and radiates from occiput and settles above right eye where it remains. Circular red cheeks, flushed. Veins and temples are distended.

< with sun.
> sleep
Congestive/Migraine HA:
Heat on top of head. Burning in eyes; lid margins red; Hungry; Thirsty;
< suppressions.
Tension/Nervous HAs:
Lateral headaches if from a nail (Coff, Ign); icy coldness, like icy needles, splinters; Nosebleed; Vertigo from sunlight. Head twitches, jerks; Uncertain, exaggerated motions; Double vision twitching of lids, eyes; fearlessness, loquacity; delirious.
< cold, freezing, open
Tension/Nervous HAs:
Trembling and coldness; Vertigo is common; sensation as if head is too large, enlarged feeling of corresponding eye; intolerance of heat; impulsive, hurried; melancholoic; time passes slowly; craves sweets, thirsty.
Argentum nit.
Tension/Nervous HAs:
Intense throbbing of head and carotids; pressure in eyes; nervous erethism (abnormal irritability, sensitivity; thirsty.

Tension/Nervous HAs:
As if nail were driven in head; sensitive hearing; excited; oversensitive; overactive; nervous sleeplessness;
< noise, overeating
Tension/Nervous HAs:
Alert, oversensitive, nervous; sighs;
< stooping, < smoking or smelling tobacco.
Tension/Nervous HAs:
Cerebral anemia; nervous, sensitive, easily fatigued; irritable; chilly
Kali phos
Tension/Nervous HAs:
Crushing head pain in area of temples and vertex; Confused, pressure at vertex; Vertigo towards evening; when standing or walking; blue rings around eyes; apathetic, indifferent; sleepy daytime; chilly;
< debility, loss of fluids
< emotions.
Phosphoric acid
Tension/Nervous HAs:
Nervous and exhausted; very restless, esp. feet and legs; occipital HA; hot occiput cool forehead; very sensitive to noise; rolls eyes, squinting; child repeats everything said to it;
Zincum met
Sick HAs: Liver-related HAs; pains under right scapula with pain at right eyebrow; feels heavy as lead; drowsiness; neuralgia over right eye.
Sick HAs: Seasickness, car sickness. Pain from occiput to nape of neck; sense of emptiness in head; hollow feeling;
Sick HAs: Nausea and vomiting associated with blurred vision; especially from eating sweet things; Bilious, sour vomitus, burning.
Sick HAs:
Vertigo with momentary loss of consciousness; Headache in sun (Glon, Nat-c.); sensitive to noise, odors, light; irritable; sullen; impatient; angry; chilly
Nux vomica
Hormonal HAs:
Similar to Puls. Flickering before eyes; Flickering of various colors.
Hormonal HAs:
HA during menses. Burning on vertex (Cupr, Sulph); eyelids swollen and red; pains go to part lain on; weeps from music; over weight; chilly; costive-expresses ideas slowly.
Hormonal HAs:
Wandering pains; right temporal.
HA pain after cessation of menses; scalding lachrymation of affected side; headache from overwork; thirstless; timid; emotional; weepy
Hormonal HAs:
Headache in terrible shocks at menses, with scanty flow; indifferent to loved ones; averse to occupation, family; Very sad.
< cold, air
> violent motion
Headache: sudden violent headache- as if "skull contents would be forced out of the forehead"- as if "the skull were constricted by a ligature"- much throbbing in temples, first on one side, then on the other- restless, anxious and thirsty.
Headache: sting, stabbing, burning pain- occasional sharp cries- head bent backward or bored into pillow- feels bruised and tender all over- < heat, warm room hot bath- > cold in every form- pain often occipital- patient alternately dry and hot or sweating.
Headache: one-sided headache- pressive pain- head feels "much too large", desire for cold air and cold drinks- < mental effort, violent movement- > tight bandage. Modalities of Remedy < anxiety, apprehension, closed rooms, sugar, heat, cold food & drink, before & during menses. > cold open air, hard pressure, eructations, bending double, cold-open air
Argentum nitiricum
Headache: bursting headache- violent throbbing, shooting- hot red face, dilated pupils- rush of blood to head- scalp very sensitive, pain comes suddenly & also ceases, abruptly- < least jar, movement, stooping, light lying down- > warm wraps to head, sitting upright, bending head backwards, firm pressure.
Headache: bursting, splitting, crushing headache- on attempting to sit up feels sick & faint- rush of blood to head, often with nose-bleed- drowsy, dry, peevish- hot flushed face- < least movement or disturbance, hot room, coughing, straining at stool- > lying quiet & motionless, firm pressure.
Headache: Bryonia White bryony, wild hops
Headache: occipital headache associated with great heaviness of eyelids and limbs- vision blurred- hammering at base of brain- wants head high- feels exhausted, almost paralyzed- < mental effort, heat of sun, tobacco smoke- > by passage of large quantities of pale urine- not thirsty.
Headache: waves of terrible, bursting, throbbing pain, upward surges of hot blood- after-effect of exposure to hot sun- face purple or scarlet- < heat, sun, every pulse beat, false step, least jar, weight of hat, bending head back- > cool air or applications, lying down with head high, holding head in hands after sleep.
Headache: splitting headache, or as if "a nail were driven into skull"- nausea and sour vomiting- wakes up with it, or comes on after eating- associated with stomach or liver complaints- after-effects of over-indulgence in food or alcohol- face red, hot puffy- scalp sore to touch- < open air, movement mental effort- > warmth, lying down, overing head, warm moist weather
Nux Vomica
Headahe: periodic headache- pressive, distensive or throbbing- from eating ice-cream, rich food, or over-indulgence- feels not thirsty.