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What is the formula for sensitivity?
TP/(TP + FN)
What is the formula for specificity?
How is negative predictive value related to prevalence?
Inversely related to the prevalence of the disease?
What is the formula for PPV?
Name 13 reasons to obtain neuroimaging in a patient with headache.
1. first or worst headache
2. subacute progressive
3. CDH
5. headache and seizure
6. headache and focal neurologic sx (migraine with aura)
7. abnormal neuro exam (increased rate of abnL MRI by 42!)
8. patient with HIV or history of cancer
9. patients over 50
10. papilledema, cognitive declline, personality change and headache
11. not responsive to treatment
12. always unilateral without side shifting
13. headache assoc. with fever, stiff neck
What are the 5 criteria for Hemicrania Continua?
1. Headache more than 3 months
2. daily without pain free period
3. unilateral without side shifting
4. autonomic sx of rhinorrhea, nasal congestion, miosis, ptosis,
5. completely responsive to indomethacin
misdx as migrained because can have n/v/photophobia/phonophobia
How many rads are in a CT scan during pregancy with lead protection?
1 mrad
How many rads are studied to harm fetus?
50 rads
What are guidelines for imaging in pregnancy MRI and CT?
MRI ok
gadolinium avoid if possible, if breastfeeding dispose X 24 h
CT not ok
iodinated contrast not ok
When is the child most susceptible to teratogenicity of radiation in utero?
5 to 20 weeks
What has been the studied dose of radiation that causes teratogenicity in children?
5 to 15 rads
What percentage of all comers with headache will have a symptomatic structural lesions found on imaging?
What percentage of migraineurs will have abnL MR imaging?
0.4 %
What happens to the risk of finding abnormal MR imaging if headache + abnL neuro exam?
increased by 42 times
What is the prevalence of WM Abnormalities (so called UBOs) in migraines?
studies range from 20-40%
What is the usual duration for cluster headaches?
at least 5 attacks lastin 15-180 minutes
What is the usual duration for paroxsymal hemicrania?
at least 20 attacks, lasting 2 to 30 minutes, usually at least 1/2 have more than 5 episodes per day
What is the usual duration for SUNCT?
at least 20 attacks lasting 5 to 240 seconds, sometimes up to hundreds per day