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During a migraine attack, what happens to 5-HT levels in the blood and urine?
bld levels dec, urine levels inc
What happens to dorsal raphe nerve cells during sleep?
they dec firing
Which receptors are responsible for SMC relaxation, contraction of some vascular SMC?
Which receptors are responsible for vasoconstriction of most blood vessles, bronchoconstriction, contraction of GI SMC, platelet aggregation?
What happens when 5HT1D are stimulated?
neuronal inhibition of CNS
What happens when 5-HT1B are stimulated?
Where are 5-HT1 receptors located?
cephalic vessels
Which drugs are therapeutic for migraine?
5-HT1 selective drugs
What are the contraindications for lithium?
nephrogenic diabetes insipidus, thyroid disease, tremor
What are the contraindications for propanolol?
asthma, COPD, heart dx, bradycardia, DMII