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Carotoid canal
-internal carotoid plexus (post-ganglionic sympathetic)
Foramen Lacerum
(this is filled w/cartilage)
-deep petrosal
-greater pertrosal
-ICA after it exits the carotoid canal
Foramen Magnum
-vertebral artery
Foramen Rotundum
-max nerve (V2)
Foramen Spinosum
-middle meningeal artery
-meningeal branch of V3
Hiatus of facial canal
-greater petrosal
Nasal lacrumal duct
-goes from the orbit of the eye (right by lacrimal and nasal bones)
-enters the inferior meatus
Inferior orbital fissure
-infraorbital nerve and artery
Internal acoustic meatus
Jugular Foramen
-internal jugular vein
Mental foramen
-mental nerve and artery
optic canal
-optic nerve II
-opthalmic artery
Pterygomaxillary fissure
-max artery
-posterior superior alveolar nerve V2
stylomastoid foramen
-facial nerve
stylohyoid branch of occipital artery
Superior orbital fissure
-opthalmic Nerve V1
-opthalmic vein
Zygomaticofacial foramen
-zygomatic branch of V2