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*Internal Carotid
*External Carotid
Common Carotid Artery
*Opthalmic A
Components of the Internal Carotid
*Anterior Branches
*Medial Branches
*Posterior Branches
*Terminal Branches
Components of the External Carotid
towards chin
Anterior Branches
*Superior Thyroid A.
*Infrahyoid A.
*Sternocleidomastoid A.
*Superior Laryngeal A.
*Superior Thyroid A.
*Inferior Thyroid A.
Anterior Branches
(originates from External Carotid)
What's the first branch from the Anterior Branches?
*Superior Thyroid A.
it supplies the tissues in the surrounding area (infrahyoid,thyroid, larynx muscles)
What goes to infrahyoid muscle?
(Anterior Branches)
What is the second branch of the Anterior Branches?
*Lingual Artery
(Anterior Branches)
From Anterior Branches what does the Lingual Artery supply?
It supplies the tongue; suprahyoid muscles; mouth of the floor, mylohyoid,sublingual;salivary glands
What Branch supplies these arteries:
*Dorsal Lingual Artery
*Deep Lingual Artery
*Sublingual Artery
*Suprahyoid Artery
Lingual Artery supplies these
(Anterior Branches)
What is the third branch of the Anterior Branches?
*Facial Artery
(Anterior Branches)
This artery supplies the lower lip and upper lip; chin; muscles of facial expression; basically from chin to orbital
*Facial Artery
(Anterior Branches)
What Branch supplies these arteries:
*Ascending Palatine Artery
*Submental Artery
*Inferior Labial Artery
*Superior Labial Artery
*Angular Artery
Facial Artery
(Anterior Branches)
What does the Ascending Palatine supply? (from facial artery)
soft palate, palatine and tonsils
What does the submental artery supply? (from facial artery)
submandibular glands/nodes
What does the inferior labial artery supply? (from facial artery)
lower lip
What does the superior labial artery supply? (from facial artery)
upper lip
What does the angular artery supply? (from the facial artery)
everything superior to Superior Labial Artery;nose tissue and medial canthus of the orbit (eye), the corner of the eye
List the anterior branches in order.
*Superior Thyroid Artery
*Lingual Artery
*Facial Artery
What Artery branches off the medial branch?
Ascending Pharyngeal Artery
What branches come off the Ascending Pharyngeal A.?
*Pharyngeal Branches
*Meningneal Branches (lines the brain spinal cord)
What arteries branch off the posterior branches?
*Occipital Artery
*Posterior Auricular Artery
(inner ear and mastoid)
What branches off the Occipital Artery?
*Sternocleidomastoid Branches
(supplies superior area of sternocliedomastoid)
*Auricular Branches
*Meningneal Branches
This artery supplies these tissues: upper tissues of the sternocleidomastiod; suprahyoid;SCM; scalp and meninges of the occipital region)
*Occipital Branches
(Posterior Branches)
What two arteries branch off from the terminal branches?
*Superficial Temporal Artery
*Maxillary Artery
(Terminal Branches)
goes to very end terminating branches
Terminal Branches
supplies tissues of the temporal region, including the following: temporalis muscle,frontal and parietal scalp
Superficial Temporal Artery
(Terminal Branches)
Where do these arteries originate from:
*Tranverse Facial Artery
*Middle Temporal Artery
*Frontal Superficial Temporal Artery
*Parietal Superficial Temporal Artery
Superficial Temporal Artery
(Terminal Branches)
The main artery that supplies the upper/lower jaw, gingiva, teeth, cheeks, palate, muscles of mastication
Maxillary Artery
(Terminal Branches)
*Middle Meningeal Artery
*Inferior Alveolar
*Deep Temporal Artery
*Pterygoid A.
*Masseteric A.
comes from the Maxillary Artery
(Terminal Branches)
*Buccal A.
*Posterior Superior Alveolar A.
*Infraorbital A. -Anterior Superior Alveolar Artery
*Greater Palatine A.
*Lesser Palatine A.
*Sphenopalatine A.
comes from the Maxillary Artery
(Terminal Branches)
inferior skull and meninges of brain
Middle Meningeal Artery
(Maxillary Artery)
travels in the mandibular canal in anterior direction for all mandibular posterior teeth, gingiva, PDL
Inferior Alveolar Artery
(Maxillary Artery)
*Mylohyoid-before it enters the mandibular foramen
Inferior Alveolar Artery
(Maxillary Artery)
*Mental Artery- After it branches at mental foramen
(chin, lower lip to midline)
Inferior Alveolar Artery
(Maxillary Artery)
*Incisive Artery- After it continues from mental foramen
(mand. Anterior teeth, gingiva, PDL)
Inferior Alveolar Artery
(Maxillary Artery)
supplies temporalis
Deep Temporal Artery
(Maxillary Artery)
supplies the medial and lateral pterygoid muscles
Pterygoid Arteries
(Maxillary Artery)
supplies the Masseter
Masseteric Artery
(Maxillary Artery)
supplies the buccinators, cheek, facial, gingiva, mand. Molars
Buccal Artery
(Maxillary Artery)
supplies the maxillary posterior teeth, gingiva, PDL
Posterior Superior Artery
(Maxillary Artery)
Supplies tissues of orbit and infraorbital area
Infraorbital Artery
(Maxillary Artery)
Branch of Infraorbital supplying maxillary anterior teeth, gingiva, PDL
Anterior Superior Alveolar Artery
(Maxillary Artery)
Supplies the hard palate
Greater Palatine Artery
(Maxillary Artery)
Supplies the soft palate;nasopharnyx
Lesser Palatine Artery
(Maxillary Artery)
Supplies the nasal cavity
Sphenopalatine Artery
(Maxillary Artery)
Which arteries two arteries are exceptions to the rule that there is a corresponding vein?
*Internal carotid artery
*External carotid artery
What is the Internal Carotid Artery known as?
Internal jugular vein
What is the External Carotid Artery known as?
External jugular vein