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what time and temperature should poultry be cooked at?
165 for 15 seconds
what time and temperature should stuffed meat be cooked at?
165 for 15 seconds
what time and temperature should TCS food be cooked at?
165 degrees
what time and temperature should ground meat be cooked at?
155 for 15 seconds
what time and temperature should injected meat be cooked at?
155 for 15 seconds
what time and temperature should pork, beef, veal and lamb be cooked at?
145 for 15 seconds
what time and temperature should seafood be cooked at?
145 degrees for 15 seconds
what time and temperature should shell eggs be cooked at?
145 degrees for 15 seconds
what time and temperature should commerically processed, ready to eat food be cooked?
135 degrees
what is the definition of cross contamination?
the transfer of microorganisms from one food or surface to another.
At what temperature does microorganisms grow most rapidly?
What is the purpose of the Bimetallic Stemmed Thermometer?
Useful for measuring the temperatures from incoming shipments to the internal temperature of food in hot-holding units
With thermocouple thermometers what are the purposes of the Immersion, penetration and surface probes?
Immersion probe: for soup
Surface probe: for flat food
Penetration probe: for internal food
what is the purpose of the Infrared Thermometers?
Used to measure the surface temperature NOT designed to measure air temp, or internal temperatures of food.
what is the purpose of the Time-Temperature Indicators (TTI)?
Self-adhesive tags attached to the food shipments

Provides irreversible record when the products temperature has exceeded safe limits during shipments or storage
what is the ice point method?
*Most Often used.*

Fill glass with crushed ice and water, submerge thermometer, wait 30 seconds, rotate thermometer head until it reads 32̊F
what is the Boiling Method
Bring a pan of water to a boil, submerge the stem into the water, wait 30 seconds, rotate thermometer head until it reads 212̊
what food is mandatory to be inspected?
beef, poultry, and eggs
what product is voluntary to be inspected?
Just because there is a inspection stamp doesn’t mean its free of microorganisms
How many inches off the ground does dry food have to be?
six inches
Ultra Hight Temperature (UHT) products like pudding and creamers can't be stored at room temp?
FALSE it can be recieved at room temperature
what is the temperature and humitidy for dry food?
50-70 degrees
Humitidy: 50-60%
Managers should rotate food in a FIFO system
in the refridgerator, what is the order food should be stacked(from bottom to top)?
poultry, ground beef, whole meat, fish, ready to eat
When cooling food it must reach____ degrees, within__ hours
70 degrees; 2 hours
What are the acceptable thawing procedures?
in the refridgerator, submerged under running potable water, in the microwave, or as part of cooking
it's okay to thaw food at room temperature.
what is the definition of slacking?
slacking is the process of gradually thawing frozen food in preparation for cooking.
Why is pooling eggs a bad idea?

Also, what disease can come from eggs?
Because if one eggs is diseased then all the other eggs will become diseased once pooled together.

What is Plate service also refered to?
American Service
Russian service is also refered to as?
Platter service
Cart service is also called what?
French service
Banquet style service is when guests help themselves and pass or share dishes. This is also called, _____?
English style
Where should non-absorbant flooring be located in the restaurant?
food prep areas, walk in refrigerators, ware washing areas, and restrooms
A restaurant should advoid porosity in floorsing
What is relisinsity?
a material can react to a shock without breaking or cracking
What is cross connection?
A physical link through which contaminants enter the potable water supply
What is back-flow?
the unwanted reverse flow of contaminants
What are the two backflow prevention methods?
vaccum breaker and air gap
What is an air gap?
an air space used to separate a water-supply outlet from any potentially contaminated source.
what is a foot candle?
a measurement used to describe the total amount of light that actually strikes a work surface, floor, wall or any single point of calculation
what area of the restaurant uses 50 foot candles?
Food prep areas
which part of the kitchen calls for 20 foot candles?
Handwashing or warewashing areas
Buffets and salad bars
Displays for produce or packaged food
Utensil-storage areas
Wait stations
Inside some pieces of equipment
which part of the restaurant calls for 10 foot candles?
Inside walk-in refrigerators and freezers
Dry-storage areas
Dining rooms (for cleaning)