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Incident Management Sytems is used on ____ hazarardous material incidents.
Incident Management system
IMS requires mutual aggreement of:
-organizational structure
-common terminology
-common operating procedures
-personnel qualification
Roles and Responsibilities of operations level
-Initiate the incident managemtne system
-Request additional resources
-Deploy emergency decon equip
-Conduct search and rescue
-Preserve evidence
-Site safety and health plan
-Designate the command post
-Appoint a safety officer
-Identify the level of the incident
-Initiate protective actions
Incident Level 1
-Product:No placard, 0 to 1 NFPA
-Container:Small to no damage
-Leak(s) severity:none or controlled
-Life safety:No threat
-Enviromental Impact:Minimal
Incident Level 2
Product:Placard, 2 NFPA, waste
Container:Moderate size, some damage.
Fire/explosion:Moderate fire explosion haz
Leak severity:Needs additional resources
Environmental Impact:Moderate Damage
Incident Level 3
Product:Placard table one materials, 3-4 NFPA
Container:heavy damage
Fire/explosion:High hazard
Leak severity:not going to be locally controlled
-Life safety:Large area impact
-Enviromental Impact-severe damage
FYI:Green flashing light
span of control in IMS
is 3 to 7 with an optimal of 5