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Altitude (N)
height; especially the hheight of a thing above the earth's surface or sealevel.
cockpit (N)
In a small plane, the space where the pilot and passengers sit. In a large plane where the pilot sits
transmitter (N)
The equipment for sending out signals in radio or tv.
altimeter (N)
Sn instrument for measuring altitude especially one that shows how high an airplane is flying.
compass (N)
an instrument for showing direction especially one with a moving needle that always points to magnetic north.
dashboard (N)
the panel in a motor vehicle, boat or plane that has the controls and gauges on it.
rudder (N)
a hinged vertical flap at the rear of an aircraft used for steering.
tundra (N)
A large, flat plain with no trees in the artic regions that extend into Canada.
audible (Adj)
That can be heard; loud enough to be heard.
spasm (N)
Any sudden tightening of a muscle or muscles, that cannot be controlled.
coma (N)
A condition like a deep long sleep; caused by injury or disease.
cowling (N)
A metal covering for an airplane engine
Incredible (Adj)
so great, unusaual or special that it is hard or impossible to believe.
Shattered (N)
to break or burst into many pieces suddenly; to smash
Haze (N)
the condition of being slightly confused in the mind; dazed.
Remanants (N)
Something that is left after like a ribbon or cloth
abated (V)
To make or become less or weaker; diminsh, decrease
massive (Adj)
Very large or too large to extent.
spiraling (Adj)
Circling around a center in a flat curve that keeps growing larger or smaller.
hordes (N)
a large crowd
agony (Adj)
Very great pain in the body or mind
muck (N)
Black earth with rotting leaves, grasses, in it, sometimes used as fertilzer
coarse (Adj)
Rough or harsh to the touch
hoarse (Adj)
Sounding rough and husky
Murky (Adj)
Heavy and dim with smoke, fog, mist etc. dark and gloomy.
Frantic (Adj)
Wild with anger, pain worry etc.
initial (Adj)
Of or after the beginning; first
obvious (Adj)
Easy to see or understand; plain; clear
slender (Adj)
small in width as compared with the length or height.
positive (Adj)
Not likely to change or be changed and not to be questioned; definate; sure of oneself or confident of self.
diminish (V)
To make or become smaller in sixe or less in force, importance, etc.
extensive (Adj)
Large, great, widespread, etc.
amphibious (Adj)
That can operate or travel or both land and water
tatters (N)
Torn, ragged clothes.
asset (N)
anything owned that has value.
pulverized (V)
To crush or grind into a powder; to destroy completely; demolish.
tart (Adj)
Sharp in taste; sour; acid.
teetered (V)
to move in a unsteady way; to totter, wobble etc.