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form of advertising-->play that day. Trumpet would announce starting time. Winter main play season
Outer Stage
thrust stage. apron stage. surrounded by audience on three sids
The Hell
trapdoor (entrance for devils, ghosts, etc.)
The Heavens
roof over stage. Trapdoor (entrance for angels, etc.)
Inner Stage
alcove. similar to moderm proscenuim stage. often used to represent interior rooms. bad sight-lines
Upper Stage
balcony. Most frequently used as musicians room. Often used to represent upper-storied rooms.
Tiring House
dressing room
The Hut
Attic. Housed a cannon. used as storage for costumes and props
The yard
Pit. Standing room for groundlings, capacity- 1000. very rowdy and exposed to weather.
penny-stinkards. very rowdy. enjoyed action and comedy.
protected by weather, seating--> wooden benches, costs 2 cents, no limit of people--rather cramped.
very limited. stools, chairs, tables, beds, cannons, torches, and swords
very limited. originally expensive and difficult to transport. Audience expected to use imagination and was more accustomed to doing so
Special Effects
very limited. smoke, cannon, trapdoors.
non-existant. Plays held in afternoon so no light needed
none- except to make boys look like women. unnecessary because of light
non-existant. Not a proper occupation. Female parts played by young men/boys
Sword fighting, fencing
one side for audience, covered with a curtain
Lords Room
runs across top of the stage, used by aristocray, they could be seen as well as the actors from very close
Gentelmans Rooms
Middle gallery closest to stage, used by richer patrons, costs 3 cents, cushined chairs, excellent view
very extravigant, originally easy to transport, used over and over