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How is processor speed espressed?
Processor Speed is expressed in megahertz (MHz) of gigahertz (GHz). Giga is faster than mega.
What are examples of input devices?
Examples of input devices include but not limited to keyboards, a mouse or mice, microphones, scanners, digital cameras, etc.
What are examples of output devices?
Examples of output devices include but not limited to monitor, projector, printer, speakers, document camera, etc.
Kinds of storage devices.
Storage devices include internal storage devices (hard drive) and external storage devices (USB/ Flash Drives, CD/ROM, CD-R/RW, external hard disk drives, DVD- ROM.
How does a user connect to a computer via any device?
All devices must communicate with a computer of use via a "port" The connection via port is done on the back of the computer in most models.
What are the 3 major types of connection to the internet?
The three major types are ISDN, DSL, and Cable. Cable is used with a cable line while the others use a phone line.
What are the 3 major operating systems?
The 3 major types of operating systems are Windows, Macintosh, and Linux. Windows and Macintosh are usually centered towards a specific brand of computer.
What is a CPU?
The CPU is the Central Processing Unit. It is generally a 2 inch ceramic square with a silicon chip inside.
What is the difference between a ink jet printer and a laser jet printer in terms of the output they generate.
A ink jet printer typically uses ink cartridges and can print in black & white as well as color. A laser jet is jet a printer that uses laser and can print at a high speed capability it typically uses toner and usually prints in black and white.
What is RAM?
RAM is Random Access Memory. The more RAM a computer has the faster it is and the more things it can do at the same time. It is measured in Megabytes (MB) or gigabytes (GB).