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What is a computer system?
the computer and other support devices that work together to receive and process information to provide output to the user
Where is the CPU located and what are the 3 units that work together?
The CPU is located inside the computer body (computer chips). 3 units are 1. control unit, 2. arithmetic logic unit and 3. memory unit
What is random access memory (RAM)?
Temporary memory which holds new data; available only while the computer is ON. RAM information is lost when computer is turned off, loast of power or surge occurs
What is read-only memory (ROM)?
Permanent internal memory inside the system, inaccessible by the user, used to store instructions that are installed or programmed by the manufaturer.
Why are peripheral devices important?
To be able to input info., output the information for the user, and store info. for later use.
What are input devices? Give examples
devices which allow the input of data into the computer; i.e mice, keyboard, scanner, digital camera, graphic tablet etc.
What are storage devices? Give examples
devices which allow storage of data for later use (internal and external), i.e floppy disk, hard drive, zip disks, CD and CD-ROM/R/RW etc.
What do Universal Serial Bus (USB) ports do?
provide an easy, universal way to connect an array of devices and provide faster transfer of information to printers, scanners, digital cameras, stroage drives, modems, speakers and other devices
What is a personal digital assistant (PDA)?
small portable tools which allow the user to input handwritten notes on a small screen using a special pen or tiny keyboard
How is processor speed expressed?
In megaherts MHz (1 million cycles/sec.) or gigahertz GHz (1 billion cycles/sec.)