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What is the first step?
Identifies self to client by name, and addresses client
by name.
What is the second step?
Turns on water at sink.
What is the third step?
Wets hands and wrists thoroughly.
What do we wet?
What is the third step?
Applies skin cleanser or soap to hands.
Tiny bubbles.
What is the fourth BOLD step?
Lathers all surfaces of hands, wrists, and fingers
producing friction, for at least 15 (fifteen) seconds
This is the important rub in seconds.
What is the sixth step?
Clean fingernails by rubbing fingertips against palms
of the opposite hand.
Get nailed.
What is the seventh step?
Rinses all surfaces of wrists, hands, and fingers keeping hands lower than the elbows and the fingertips down.
It's all in the rinse.
Eighth step?
Uses clean, dry paper towel to dry all surfaces of
hands, wrists, and fingers.
Desert plateaus.
Ninth step?
Uses clean, dry paper towel or knee to turn off faucet.
Desert plateau turn off.
Tenth step?
Does not touch inside of sink at any time
Don't do this.
eleventh step?
Disposes of used paper towel(s) in wastebasket
immediately after shutting off faucet
Throw away.