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Who killed King Hamlet
Claudius his brother
Who became King of Denmark after King Hamlet's death
Clauidus his brother
What happened to Queen Gertrude Hamlet's mother and King Hamlet's widow
she married Claudius- who she was having an affair with when King Hamlet was still alive
Who was the ghost
King Hamlet returnded from the dead because he died before he could be given absolutin )pardon) for his sins
What did the ghost what Hamlet to do
revenge his death and kill Claudius
What was Hamlet's plan to try and prove that Claudius had killed his father
pretend to be mad
Whay did Ophelia (Hamlet's girlfriend) stop seeing him
Polonius (her father) forbid her to see Hamlet any more
How did Polonius die
Hamlet killed him by mistake thinking that he was Claudius
Why did Rosencrantz and Guidenstern (Hamlet's friends from the univesity ) return to Elsinore
Claudius sent for them to spy on Hamlet
What did hamlet do that enraged Claudius and proved his guilt
Hamlet had a troup of players reinact King Hamlet's death
Where does Claudus sent Hamlet
to England to be executed
Who takes Hamlet to England
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern his friends who have betrayed Hamlet
How does Hamlet alter Claudius's plans to have him executed in England
Hamlet changes the letter to the English King and Rosencrantz and Guidenstern are executed in England
Why does Laertes want Hamlet dead
Laertes is Polonius son the man that Hamlet has mistakeningly killed
What happens to Ophelia
she kills herself by drowning
Who does Laertes plot against Hamlet with
King Claudius
What is the plan Laertes and Claudius have to murder Hamlet
hamlet and laertes will fight a duel- Laertes will Laertes will have a poison cup of wine for Hamlet and Laertes sword will have a poisoned tip and laertes will challenge Hamlet to a duel
How does Laertes die
the swords during the duel are exchanged and Laertes is stabbed by the poisoned sword
What does Laertes do just before he dies
laertes reveals the plot that he had with Claudius to kill Hamlet and he forgives Hamlet for the accidental death of his fater Polonius
What happened to Queen Gertrude
she mistakingly drank the cup of poisoned wine meant for Hamlet and dies
What happens to Claudius
he is forced to drink the poisoned wine and stabbed by Hamlet with the poisoned sword and dies
What happens to Hamlet
he dies from the cut given to him in the duel with Laertes by the poisoned sword
What happens to the kingdom of denmark
Fortinbras whose fater the King of Norway was killed many years age by King Hamlet and who has lost the kingdom of Norway to his uncle is recommended by Hamlet to be the next king of Denmanrk
Who was Hamlet one true and loyal friend
Horatio a friend from the university who Hamlet asks to retell the story after his death
Who wrote the play Hamlet
William Shakespeare sometime between 1599 and 1601