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gram stain of haemophilus
pleomorphic gnb

many shapes/sizes
oxidase of haemophilus
variable; not useful to id it
2 growth requirements of haemophilus
X factor - hemin; hemoglobin.

V factor - NAD

take advantage of these in a Porphryin test to id the bug
types of media grow haemophil on:
-Choc/horse/rabbit BA

Why can't you use sheeps ba?
produces NADase
s. aureus produce NAD; the reaction causes haemophilus to spread out and it's difficult to isolate then.
how can you differentiate species of haemophil?
-different types of hemolysis

-different growth requirements (only X, only V, both..)
type of differential plate for species of haemophil:
QUAD plate

-X and V
-Horse BA
where is haemophilus normally found
throat in sm amounts
virulence factors of haemophilus flue
What are three infection types caused by H. influenzae?

What are the four resp tract infections?
1. Respiratory
2. Meningitis
3. Conjunctivitis
Respiratory tract infections:
Sinusitis, Otitis media, Pneumonia, Epiglottitis (acute). SOPE
What are 2 infections caused by haemophilus species (not just plain influenzae)?
Meningitis: caused by H. influenzae B in kids <2yrs.

Conjunctivitis: pink eye caused by H. aegyptius.
how do you treat haemophilus, and what test should you do first?

+ = give cloramphenicol if its warrented (by a systemic infection)

- = give ampicillin
what can you prevent haemophilus flue with?
hib vaccine for infants under 2
where are the # other Haemophilus species found normally, and what do they cause in who?
7 species; these are VERY COMMON in the oral cavity.

May cause disease in immunodef patients
-bacteremia, SBE, occasionally pneumonia
What causes Chancroid?
What symptoms are seen in this?
What is distinct on the gram stain of this species?
-Haemophilus ducreyi
-Inguinal lymphadenopathy
Gram stain = RRtrax of gnb's.
What is chancroid?
An STD w/ genital lesions softer than those in syphilus.
GRAM stain of bordetella
what does bordatella pertussis cause?

specimen of choice?
whooping cough

nasopharyngeal swab
3 types of media to grow bordatella on
-Regan Lowe (transport)
-Bordet Gengou (mercury droplet colony morphology)
-Charcoal Agar w/ 10% horse blood + cephalexin
Environmental conditions necessary for growing Bordatella pertussis:
72 hrs in increased CO2; its fastidious
2 methods of identification of B. pertussis:
1. On specimen: Direct Flourescent Antibody

2. On growth:
-Floures. Antibody
-Latex agglutination
What is DFA, on what bug is it useful for identification?
Direct Flourescent Antibody testing on bordatella pertussis;

-label Ab w/ flourescent tag
-complex to antigen
-Look for flouresc. w/ microscope
whooping cough aka
How is whooping cough transmitted?
through droplets or direct contact
3 stages of pertussis


What does the Catarrhal stage consist of?
2 wks of typical cold symptoms.
-The Most contagious stage.
Paroxysmal stage
2nd Pertussis stage;
-Lasts 2 weeks;
-Intensified cold symptoms;
-More serious/distinct WHOOPING/gasping cough
Convalescence Stage
3rd Pertussis stage;
Lasts 2 more weeks;
A Gradual relenting of symptoms/coughing.
What antibiotic is used to treat Pertussis?
How can pertussis be prevented?
With the DPT (diptheroid, pertussis, bla)

only in people younger than 7
What infection is caused by Bordatella parapertussis?
Resp inf milder than whooping cough; no vaccine, usually just thought to be a cold
How does culturing Bordatella bronchiseptica compare to the other bordatella species?

What test can rapidly id it?

What 3 diseases does it causes?
Nonfastidious, this bug grows well on BA and MAC.

Urea test -> rapidly positive!

resp tract/wound infections/pneumoniae
things we can know about VIBRIO (all three) in general:
oxidase positive
gnb CURVED like a COMMA

like warm seawater
XV requirements, hemolysis of H. influenzae:
X and V
XV requirements, hemolysis of H. hemolyticus:
X and V
XV requirements, hemolysis of H. parahemolyticus:
V only
XV requirements, hemolysis of H. parainfluenzae:
V only

Lac-, Man+
XV requirements, hemolysis of H. paraphrophilus:
V only
Lac +
XV requirements, hemolysis of H. segnis
V only

Mannose neg -
XV requirements, hemolysis of Haemophilus aphrophilus
X only
XV requirements, hemolysis of Haemphilus ducreyi
X only
Gamma or Beta